If you have a severe allergic reaction and need to get a new Epipen in the Parkland... you're going to be out of luck if you go to the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy or Winnipegosis Clinic Pharmacy.

"We're seeing a shortage, and it's affecting our patients at both of the pharmacies," said Barret Procyshyn, Pharmacist/ President for Pharmacists of Manitoba. "We have people calling for them, and were unable to supply them with an adult Epipen. We do have some youth doses, but we're running out of that as well."

If you currently have an Epipen and need an additional one, that won't be an option for now. If you have an expired one, Health Canada is saying use it if absolutely necessary, and then contact 911. 

"Just keep in contact with your pharmacist," said Procyshyn. "And, make sure you get on a waiting list so you can get one as soon as they're available. 

The reason for the shortage is Pfizer Canada, the only supplier in Canada is unable to supply any at this point, and they expect it to last for a little while longer.

"I really have no idea when we're going to get Epipen back," he added. "They're saying the shortage is going to last for the full month of August. We have an automatic system that tries to order them every day, so the minute they're available, we'll have them the next day."

"If you have any questions, just get in touch with your pharmacist and they'll be able to help you," said Procyshyn.