The Parkland is under both a special air quality statement and a special weather statement.

The smoke is coming from forest fires from Alberta and BC.

The northwesterly flow of smoke will remain in place for the next couple days and smoke will continue to impact air quality into the weekend.

Individuals may experience symptoms such as increased coughing, throat irritation, headaches or shortness of breath. Children, seniors, and those with cardiovascular or lung disease, such as asthma, are especially at risk.

In areas affected by smoke from wildland fires, Manitobans are encouraged to:
- limit outdoor activity and/or strenuous physical activity; if breathing becomes difficult or uncomfortable, stop or reduce the activity
- reduce exposure to smoke by staying indoors or moving to areas with cleaner air, as conditions can vary dramatically by area
- turn off furnaces and air-conditioning units that may draw smoke indoors
- keep indoor air cleaner by avoiding smoking or burning other materials.

Very high temperatures are going to stick around the area through the weekend with Monday remaining hot.

Overnight low temperatures will remain elevated through the weekend giving little respite from the heat. The humidity will be moderate throughout and the winds light, but the UV index will be high.