Parkland Rec Complex has installed a new lighting system in Credit Union Place.

They installed 44 LED lights that can be controlled independently with many dimming options.

They can dim to 30, 80, and 100 percent.

Wes Carneige, the Operations Manager for the Parkland Rec Complex, says with the lights there’s a lot more options for event’s that can be set up in the CUP.

“You can have a whole bunch of different scenarios to set up for different events.”

“For King Games, we can have all the lights off but one, if they want, and have it on the person singing O Canada if need be.”

For minor hockey, they can lower the efficiency of the lights, so rather than running them at 100% all the time they can run more efficiently.

In the near future, Carneige says the Parkland Rec Complex plans to install these lights in the pool and the curling rink.

The project was funded through a Manitoba hydro grant.