The former president of the Keystone Ag Producers intends to run for the Conservative Party of Canada’s nomination in the riding representing Dauphin.

Dan Mazer made the announcement on Friday when he resigned as the President of KAP.     

We spoke with Mazier to find out what some of his biggest priorities will be if he’s eventually elected to represent the riding.

“One of the rural issues that’s federal jurisdiction, that I had fought with a lot or heard a lot, yet nothing became of them was the was the digital infrastructure.  Cell phone coverage, rule internet, that kind of federal/national issue hits our riding especially hard because it’s so rural and remote in some places. There’s no excuse for that. I want to get that message loud and clear.”  

Mazier says he never considered running for government until recently.

“Something that I hadn’t considered up until Bob Sopuck announced that he was not running again and that opened up the constituency.”

“Then I started to get phone calls and people were telling me that I should consider it. It was throughout those  conversations that I kind realized that I should consider it.”  

Mazier is planning to come to the Dauphin area sometime, probably next week, to speak with supporters.

Mazier farms near Justice which is about a 24-minute drive north of Brandon.