Connecting communities and businesses in the Parkland is the new initiative of Dauphin and District Chamber of Commerce.

That was the message at yesterday’s State of the District meeting held in Grandview.

Stephen Chychota, the Executive Director for the Chamber, says these events are taking place around the Parkland from now on to better engage with the whole Parkland community.

“When you can team up on stuff and not reinvent the wheel or do more than you need to because your neighbour is doing fantastic work, I think that really helps. That’s where I think the chamber can fit in, being that network and connection piece to other municipalities.”

Chychota hopes the chamber can become the place where communities and businesses in the Parkland can share ideas and help improve commerce in the whole area.

The chamber is still working on rebranding to represent the whole region instead of just mainly Dauphin, and having the meetings take place in different communities is one way of seeing this to realization.

Next year’s host community has not been announced yet.