Licensed Practical Nurse


Job Description



As part of the DMC team to assist our patients and look after all their needs in a polite, friendly, professional and confidential manner.

Fulfill all expectations of physicians, management and co-workers.

Responsible to ensure overall smooth and proper functioning of the Treatment and Nurses room and timely preparation of patients in accordance with relevant legislation, professional standards and office policies and procedures.

Responsibility 1: Treatment Room and Nursing Room Duties


 Coordinates patient movement to and from Treatment & Nurses room in a quick efficient manner

 Instructs patient in the collection of specimens and tests

 Prepares patients for procedures by the physician

 Scheduled and un scheduled injections, immunizations, ear syringing, suture removal, dressing changes and other procedure requests from physicians

 Work with Floor Team Lead to help ensure continuous floor coverage to meet physicians needs

Responsibility 2: Patient Preparation for Regular Clinic


 Coordinates patient movement from waiting room to examination room ensuring examination rooms are filled quickly

 Instructs patient in the collection of specimens and tests

 Prepares patients for examination by the physician

 Measure vital signs (BP, height, weight) as per procedures and document in EMR

 Obtains urine samples and dips for readings as required

 Performs finger pricks for on-site readings

 Assists physician as required during examination, testing and treatment of patients

 Ensure completion of required requisitions; i.e. properly labeled specimens bagged with requisitions

Responsibility 3: General


 Cleaning of examination rooms in accordance with current infection control procedures

 Cleaning and organizing of lab/supply room

 Cleaning and sterilizing of materials and instruments following universal precautions

 Responds to telephone inquiries as necessary, occasionally booking appointments

 Updating of healthcare numbers and demographics as required

 Updates and maintains patient medical records as required

 Consults with the physicians and other staff as required and maintains effective communications

 Maintains a clean and orderly work station

 Stocks and refreshes exam rooms throughout day, ensuring garbage not overflowing

 Ensures the maintenance, cleaning and repair of instruments and equipment

 Assists in ordering and unpacking of medical supplies

 Other related duties as may be assigned



Education and Experience:

 Completion of L.P.N. or equivalent in job experience

 Previous related experience preferred

 Previous experience with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is an asset

Job Skills and Demonstrated Abilities:

 Relevant clinical skills/knowledge

 Effective communication and interpersonal skills

 Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

 Ability to interact effectively with patients

 Skill in the use of computers , EMR software and MS Office preferred

 Ability to read, understand and follow oral and written instructions

Personal Attributes:

 Organized and efficient

 Professional

 Courteous, respectful, empathic

 Self-motivated

Working Conditions:

 Clinical patient environment

 Direct contact with patients who may potentially be contagious/infectious, requires constant attention to infection control procedures

 May occasionally be exposed to patients with potential to become highly emotional or violent

 May occasionally need to deal with patients who are terminally ill

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Licensed Practical Nurse

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