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People itching to get out for a round of golf in the Parkland can do so this weekend.

The Dauphin Lake Golf Resort is opening up for the season today (Friday).

All 18 holes will be open to the public but the restaurant and driving range remain closed for a little longer.

General Manager and Head Pro Kevin Sebulski says the weather has treated the course nicely over the past couple weeks.

"Even with that snow we had a couple of days ago it's all melted so we're starting to see grass everywhere again. It's a little wet as you'd expect for this year but we're gonna put 18 flags in and we're gonna put some tee markers out and we're gonna get everyone playing. It's a little wet in the low spots, but we have our maintenance team out working on it and they've done a great job."

Sebulski says the Dauphin Lake Golf Resort has a lot planned for the season.

"It's new ownership, it's new management so at this point we're trying to show people there's a reason to come back out to the Dauphin Lake Golf Resort. We wanna give people a great experience. We've got some great deals on memberships, we're trying to make golf more affordable for people. So that's basically what we're trying to do this year."

The Golf Shop will also open for the season Friday at the Dauphin Lake Golf Resort.

Sebulski also notes the course is looking for people to work in the restaurant during the season. So bring your resume down if you're interested.

For more on the positions and memberships available at the Dauphin Lake Golf Resort just give them a call at 204-638-9400!