The Yellowhead Chiefs beat the Norman Northstars back on November 8, 2020. That was the last time a Manitoba AAA U18 Hockey League game was played. All games as of November 12 were postponed when Manitoba was put under 'Code Red' restrictions which put a halt to team sports activities across the province.

'Code Red' restrictions are set to come to an end on Friday evening and government officials have indicated that some restrictions could be eased. This doesn't mean sports will be allowed back, but if they do, the league remains committed to coming back.

Levi Taylor, Commissioner of the league says the goal is to get every team back on the ice.

"Our plan is to resume practices as soon as facilities open and we would do that for a 10 to 14-day window," said Taylor. "At that point, if permitted, we would continue with regular-season action."

If the season is able to resume in early February, Taylor says the league would extend the season with playoffs running into May, if need be. 

There were just 66 games played combined between all member teams with the Kenora Thistles having played zero while the Winnipeg Wild played just two. The Parkland Rangers played seven games -- six of which they won -- as they sit atop the league. 

When formulating their original plan, every team was scheduled to play a 36 game schedule with a good chunk of games coming in divisional play. Taylor says the most important thing is health and safety and when it is deemed safe to do so, the development of players is critical as the league hopes to return in the near future.

"We want to provide the players with an opportunity to develop, if possible," ended Taylor.