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The race to be Dauphin’s Progressive Conservative Candidate in the next provincial election is heating up.


We talked to all three candidates this week about how the race has been going so far for them.

Jim MacMillan says this whole process has been very interesting for him.

"I have a very deep set of beliefs and as I'm talking to people, a lot of those beliefs are coming out. We need to build a strong Manitoba. I believe in rural Manitoba and rural Canada. We can do the job, we just need to get this nomination meeting over with and get on with it."

Former RM of Dauphin councillor Brad Michaleski says he heard a variety concerns from people in the constituency.

"I've been back and forth between Ste. Rose and Roblin I don't know how many times, going to different events, meeting people and getting connected to people. I've heard a pretty broad range of concerns across the entire constituency, but the steady decline and the state of the economy is a very common concern."

Current Gilbert Plains councillor Dwayne Sydor says the local economy is a priority for him as well.

"For the last five years, farming has not been good. Our primary industry has been very suffering, and therefore it's been pulling the businesses down and economic growth has not been where it should be I believe. We need to see something else happen in the area, and something kick start."

We also asked all three candidates what a victory in the nomination vote would mean to them. Here were their responses.

Michaleski - "It means pretty much the same thing I'm doing right now. Where I'm getting out and meeting the people and finding out there concerns, and at that point, discussing getting more involved with the party."

Sydor - "If I win on the 24th, that means for the next year until the election, I will be actively campaigning in the area. It means I have to resign my seat as a councillor within the Municipality of Gilbert Plains, and it means I have to get out there and show the people that I deserve their vote, and what I can bring to the area, and how I can try to change the area."

MacMillan - "I think it's huge. I think we have a huge task in front of us. Part of the need is to be out and in the community, but this is probably the hardest part. I think everybody's looking forward to the next part."

The Manitoba PC party will have their nomination meeting for Dauphin on April 24 at Credit Union Place.