Traditionally held in Dauphin on the second Sunday after Labour Day, the Annual Terry Fox run has been postponed due to public health concerns this year.

But that doesn't mean you still can't make a difference for the cancer society.

Local organizer Stephen Roznowsky explains how people can honour Terry's legacy without an in-person event,

 "This year will have to be a virtual event, I know September 19th is the Terry Fox national run day, and we will definitely observe it and encourage people to do their own exercise or go to the park and walk if it's a nice day."

Online donations can be made here.

Mr. Roznowsky says that "Mb1371" is the registered run site for the Dauphin and Parkland area which can be added to as a note in a donation made online.

Stephen notes that individuals who prefer the traditional way of donating can still do so,

 "Anybody who still wants to do a traditional donation and wants to get it picked, I would absolutely encourage them to give me a phone call, and I will pick it up personally at 204-5720-0520."

Roznowsky knows many people in the community eagerly anticipate this event each year, but unfortunately, circumstances have dictated the direction of this years event,

"We look forward to when it becomes safer to do so, and I know around have really enjoyed going to the BBQ and silent auction the past."

Its been 41 years since Terry embarked on the marathon of hope, and still, his legacy lives on to this day.