The Drought-like conditions that continue across the province have left most producers desperate for help from both the provincial and federal governments. 

Today it was announced by Agri-Food Canada Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Ralph Eichler that relief with multiple initiatives is coming.

The first of these initiatives, available through Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation’s will be the Hay Disaster Benefit.

This program will provide an additional $44 per metric ton to insured feed producers to help offset the additional cost of replacement feed and transportation due to the severe shortage of feed throughout the province.

“Our government is working around the clock with the province to help farm families coping with extreme weather conditions exacerbated by climate change. The support through the Hay Disaster Benefit is one way we are helping Manitoba producers, who are under tremendous stress, to get through this crisis and toward a sustainable future,” said Bibeau

This benefit was last triggered in 2019 when over $5 million was paid out on close to 1,200 claims. Typically, the determination of payments for this benefit would not be made until January, once most claims and harvested production report data were processed.

Eichler explains why that isn't the case this year;

“With pastures drying up and minimal sources of feed for livestock, it’s important to give producers the resources they need to secure feed to maintain their herds. All livestock producers play a critical role in our food supply and provincial economy, we’re proud to support them with early release of this benefit.” 

Discussions have also begun to speed up the AgriRecovery Assessment process's completion and to implement a Livestock Tax Deferral to assist impacted livestock producers.