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The current leader of Dauphin's air cadets is turning 65 next August and will have to retire from his position.
Captain Earl Pryce says there's always a learning curve but he doesn't think it will be a difficult transition having someone else take over.
"You sit down-- when you do your change over-- sit down with them, explain what you've been doing. Here's how we did it, you know... This seems to work, this doesn't-- or we've had trouble with this. Everything will work if you work hard enough at it."
Donna Pottle, president of Dauphin's Royal Legion branch, says the branch thinks very highly of Captain Pryce and he will be very hard to replace.
But Captain Pryce says a former Swan River cadet has shown interest in donning the uniform. He also credits volunteers and parents for their work, saying parents are the main influence on the kids.