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Two radio enthusiasts from Finland listened to CKDM last week, but it wasn't as simple as just clicking on the button on our website.
Last week, Patrik Willför and Timo Klimoff traveled over 12 hours to reach a Finnish cabin in the Arctic, where they could listen to radio stations from around the world.
Willför said it's great to be able to listen from such a remote location, but the wildlife can be challenging.
"It's basically in the middle of nowhere, which is actually good because you don't have any interference. We're in the middle of nowhere, so you have to be careful with both reindeer and other wildlife."

The two have listened to stations in Africa, Europe, Australia, and America...and Willför says CKDM was one of the easiest stations for them to access.
"I'd say your station was loud for several hour on several days, so it was actually kind of a 'piece of cake' station. But there was not much from the west coast or even the prairies stations from Canada showed up at all."
Willför says "DXing", or listening to foreign radio stations, is a popular hobby in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.