Community members in Grandview formed a procession in their vehicles on Thursday morning to protest the temporary closure of the Grandview Health Centre.

A day earlier, Prairie Mountain Health announced the Grandview Health Centre will temporarily close while reassigned staff assist with the outbreak situation at the Grandview Personal Care Home.

The demonstration of over 50 vehicles was organized by Grandview Healthcare Solutions. Coordinator Sue Stirling tells CKDM part of the issue boils down to communication.

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Photo courtesy of 'Keeping Rural Healthcare Close To Home' Facebook page

"It's no consultation, there's no forethought, there's no practical reason to doing this, it just emphasizes how much chaos is in Prairie Mountain Health and in the provincial government, that decisions like this are getting made, in the way they're getting made.”

9 More Grandview PCH Residents Test Positive

A statement from Prairie Mountain Health CEO, Penny Gilson, says the hospital staff are being redeployed to address an emerging critical need.

On Wednesday, Nov 25, the province reported four total cases at the Grandview PCH (2 staff, 2 residents), however, Prairie Mountain Health says they’ve been informed of nine additional cases among residents.

The statement from the PMH CEO says “by transitioning staff to the PCH, we are able to support additional monitoring, intravenous fluids, intravenous medications, and other treatments that require additional nursing and health care aide assistance.”  Gilson added that supports in non-nursing areas are also required, such as cleaning.

Patients in the Grandview Hospital have been transferred to nearby facilities; including the Dauphin Regional Health Centre and Roblin Health Centre. 

Prairie Mountain Health says this suspension of services at the Grandview Hospital is a temporary measure — planned for approximately 3 weeks, but possibly longer.

PMH says 12 positions are affected by the temporary move.

Manitoba NDP Leader Weighs In

Wab Kinew, Leader of the Manitoba NDP, tells CKDM he’s impressed but not surprised by the response of the Grandview community, adding “I know they’ve been fighting real hard over the past few years to protect healthcare in their community.”

“Anything that happens with healthcare, they should be consulted on it. That didn’t happen this time. And I think one of the concerns that’s motivating people in Grandview to stand up in this issue is they’re worried an ER closure might not be temporary.”

Kinew says he had the opportunity to question the Premier on the issue today. 

"My first question was ‘do you commit to reopening the Grandview ER?' — he said so, so now we have to hold him to that promise.”