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It may be small relative to the Mossey River Inn's, but the Dauphin Royal Legion's Chase the Ace is helping pay the bills.
Branch 20 president Donna Pottle says they've slated money from Chase the Ace for upkeep of the legion because general funds are not as plentiful as they used to be.
"Like our dishwasher, our glass washer just got fixed, we want to put this osmosis water system in. We're all helping to do that all out of there because our general account is just not so plentiful."
Their Chase the Ace jackpot is currently at $2,513 dollars.
The Dauphin Legion held its annual general meeting last night, during which, a man who's quietly been involved with membership paperwork for many years was presented with a plaque.
Pottle says Aubrey Marcotte's worked behind the scenes on membership and never wanted recognition.
"I just had to go and thank him and give him a hug and he said, 'you know, Donna, you shouldn't have done that.' and I said, 'no, if it wasn't for you eight, nine years ago I probably wouldn't have been so involved."
Pottle says Marcotte was instrumental in helping her with her membership role.