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The Dauphin Knights of Columbus will be lighting up the night in Dauphin on November 28 for their parade of lights.
Parade organizer Rodney Juba says there are similar levels of excitement in community for this parade and the CNUF parade in the summer, but there are some key differences.
"It is dark and the people that are driving the floats sometimes have difficulty seeing the youngsters that are lined up on the street. The streets are well lit but with the dark shadows and stuff, there's so much potential for danger out there so we just urge that people stay right off the street and let the people that are on the floats come to the people on the street."
There will be floats from a number of different categories, but Juba says there's one that they'd like to see more participation from.
"The last few years, we've had varied participation from the different schools, it all depends on the availability of the teachers working with the youngsters in each of the classes and some years we have a lot of floats from the different schools and some years we do not. It all depends on what's happening in the school calendar."
The other categories of floats in the parade include commercial, individual and religious.
The Knights of Columbus also have their theme of "keep the christ in christmas"
As for what streets the parade will go down, Juba says the parade will be on their usual route.
"Once we leave Mountain Road, we'll be going down River, Main Street and making a right turn at the Kal-Tire corner and we'll be going down past the hospital, the Dauphin Personal Care Home, St. Paul's Nursing Home and we'll be disembarking just past the Knights on 11th Hall."
Juba says they've been very fortunate the last number of year's that the weather hasn't been quote "too bad" for the parade.