While there have been reports of some Manitobans doing damage to vehicles with license plates from the US and other provinces, or harassing the drivers, the RCMP say there haven’t been any incidents reported in Dauphin.

In Winnipeg, members of the US military that are stationed in Winnipeg with the North American Aerospace Defence Command have had their vehicles keyed, been told to go home, or even had profanities yelled at them.

Other reported incidents have seen hostility given to other Canadians with vehicles that have US plates or plates from out of province.

The hostility could boil down to Manitobans believing the out of province plates are from tourists or the major outbreak of COVID-19 in America.

Paul Manaigre, media relations officer with the RCMP, gave a statement on the situation.

“We’re asking Manitobans to be cognizant of the fact that it may be possible that these vehicles have been in Manitoba for several months and that we must not assume they have just entered the country. This is why we encourage those with concerns to report it.”

He adds that if anyone has any concerns regarding possible COVID-19 cases to report it to the Government Inquiry line at 1-866-626-4862.