Manitoba’s agriculture minister says the online licensing system for the fall hunting season will begin soon, and he’s also giving us with an update on moose populations in Game Hunting Areas.

Fall hunting licenses will be available in August through the new e-licensing system. The website can also be used to search for vendors that sell licenses. You can view the website here.

Hunters should expect a two-week wait for the delivery of game tags.

The Manitoba Hunting Guide 2020 is available now, by clicking here.

When it comes to moose populations, Agriculture Minister Blaine Pedersen says “moose populations appear to be recovering in certain areas. However, the slow recovery suggests they are facing an uphill battle.”

Aerial moose surveys were conducted in January and February in Game Hunting Areas (GHA) 13, 13A (Porcupine Mountain), 18, 18A-C (Duck Mountain) and 26 (Pinawa/Bisset area), and a summary of the results is available online.

The survey results suggest a gradual trend of increasing moose populations in Duck Mountain and GHA 26 since 2010 and a stable population in Porcupine Mountain. The trend over time suggests these populations are recovering, but more slowly than anticipated.