Chinese importers are unwilling to purchase Canadian canola seed.

While there was some initial optimism that trade concerns could quickly be resolved, discussions to date have not indicated any immediate resolution is possible.

“We’re disappointed that differing viewpoints cannot be resolved quickly,” says Jim Everson, president of the CCC. “Under the circumstances, Canadian canola seed exporters who normally ship to China have no alternative but to supply customers in other countries who value high-quality Canadian canola.”

The Canadian canola industry says they have made every effort to meet the requirements of customers and their governments around the world.

 “Canadian canola is of the highest quality because of our world-class quality assurance systems,” says Everson. “We have a long-standing history of delivering on quality and reliability. We will continue to provide our customers with high-quality canola and promote stable trade based on science.”

China has been a significant market for Canadian canola, with around 40% of all canola seed, oil and meal exports. Canola seed exports to China were worth $2.7 billion in 2018.