Fire crews are fighting multiple fires in the Lynn Lake, Marcel Colomb First Nation areas.

11 fires have been identified burning, but crews are focused on four that are in close proximity to the communities.

One of the fires is 50 hectares and is about 4 km north of Lynn Lake.

140 residents from Marcel Colomb First Nation have been evacuated to Thompson by the Canadian Red Cross. There isn’t any indication of Lynn Lake being evacuated according to the province.

Lightning is believed to be the cause of the wildfires.

A 34 and a 22-year-old male are facing charges after the police recovered a stolen vehicle and prohibited weapons.

It all started at 11 am, Wednesday, July 24th.

Witnesses reported a suspected impaired driver driving in the wrong lane, into oncoming traffic. Police found the vehicle was also stolen from the Boissevain area and the suspects could have firearms.

Just after 11, the police went to the residence of one of the suspects, locating the stolen 1986 blue dodge pickup.

Police set up a perimeter on the residence in the 000 block of 14th St. N, while a search warrant was obtained.

About half an hour later, the police had the 34-year-old male in custody. The 22-year-old wasn’t located until 10:45 pm at a different location.

Around 8 pm the police got the search warrant for the property and found a sawed-off shotgun and suspected matching piece of the barrel.

Further investigation led the police to a rural area southwest of Brandon. There, they found a broken down double-barrel shotgun and other property believed to be stolen.

The 34-year-old male faces charges of possessing property obtained by crime, possession of a prohibited weapon, possess a weapon while prohibited, fail to comply with weapons prohibition order X 2, breach of probation X 2, and breach of recognizance.

The 22-year-old male faces charges of possessing stolen property, and breach of undertaking.

Today is their court date.

The newest store to the city, Parkland Fabrics and More officially opens its doors today.

The new store will be the only fabric store in the Dauphin area and will also feature locally designed apparel and home décor.

Owner Roxanne Shuttleworth says she is excited to be back home in the Parkland after living and working in Winnipeg for years.

Shuttleworth says that she will welcome other designers and crafters who are interested in being part of the in-store boutique.

As well as selling customers their sewing needs, Shuttleworth is hoping to offer sewing classes in the fall.

Parkland Fabrics and More is located at 26 1st Avenue NW in Dauphin.

This summer has seen quite a lot of projects completed in the City of Dauphin.

Director of public works and operations for the city of Dauphin, Bill Brenner says there will be a significant amount of road construction coming up specifically on 4th Ave SW.

In addition, there will be 3 sidewalk projects coming up, 2nd St. NW from 1st to 2nd, River and Mountain, and Hedderly between Hawthorne and Brown.

Bill Brenner gives more insight into how things have gone.

“So far, and knock on wood, the projects have gone very well. The weather has been very cooperative this year for construction. So that has been a definite bonus and we’ve been cruising along quite well with all of our projects.”

Bill Brenner says to sign up for email notifications to stay up to date from the city.

Today is the grand opening for the Mazergroup in Dauphin.

Just after 12:30 they had the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mayor Al Dowhan, President and CEO Bob Mazer, and North America Vice President for New Holland Brett Davis all spoke just before the ribbon was cut.

Mazer is happy to be in Dauphin.

"We're very excited to be here in Dauphin, we were located in Ste. Rose and a little bit smaller community, but we're very excited to be in Dauphin and maybe a little bit more of a hub for activity."

The grand opening will be on til 3 this afternoon.

Occasionally needles can be found on the ground and in parks.

Rob Tuff with the Dauphin RCMP says to be as safe as you can when dealing with needles, the needle should be placed securely inside a bottle, Tuff says ideally a bleach bottle but a laundry detergent bottle or plastic pop bottle work too, once secure, the bottle can be taken to any PMH facility. PMH suggests tongs, pliers or tweezers when picking up the needle, pointing the tip down and away from the body, and don’t put the cap back on the needle.

Tuff adds the reason for taking needles to Prairie Mountain Health is the RCMP doesn’t have a storage facility and way to dispose of needles like the health unit.

“Not that we don’t pick them up, I mean we can, but when it comes to the disposal of them, we’re not equipped for that.”

According to PMH, if a needle were to poke you, let the puncture site bleed and don’t squeeze it. It helps flush germs away. Wash the area with soap and water. Then go to an emergency room as soon as possible. There, they'll be able to assess exposure, risk and provide the necessary care. PMH adds the risk of infection is very low.

The Northwest Round-Up and Exhibition returns to Swan River this weekend.

The weekend all kicks off with the chariot races on Thursday at 5:30 pm. Organizer Wayne Antichow says that there will be chariots from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota for a total of 52 chariots.

The fun continues through the weekend with several rodeo events, exhibits, and vendors and the midway.

One new feature this year is helicopter rides that will take you for tours of the Swan Valley.

Once the excitement of the day wraps up, it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and head down to the Veterans Community Hall on Friday and Saturday night. The dances will feature performances from Ken Thompson & Brittney Moore and Kendra Kay.

There will be pancake breakfasts both Saturday and Sunday morning to kick off the day.

For a full list of events and a schedule for the weekend, check the Round-Up’s website.

Beginning tomorrow and continuing to the end of September, the waterworks crew will be renewing the water main on the 1st and 2nd blocks of 6th Ave NE.

From tomorrow, Wednesday to Friday, the intersection of Main St North and 6th Avenue NE/NW will be closed to all traffic. Starting next week, the 1st block will be closed to all traffic.

Be prepared to detour.

Last night in Brandon, Brandon Fire and Emergency Services asked the Brandon Police to assist them with a suspected overdose.

Two adults were found unresponsive by a third adult in a residential bathroom.

Both individuals were transported to the hospital with one remaining in ICU. The other adult was treated medically but didn't need the ICU.

The police learned the individuals purchased two substances, one described as purple heroin and the other as methamphetamine.

Both substances were consumed throughout the evening.

Initial testing of the substances they had consumed revealed a mix of fentanyl, butyrylfentanyl, carfentanil and methamphetamine.

It isn’t clear at this stage of the investigation which of the purchased drugs contained any fentanyl, or if they both contained some.

Purple heroin discovered in other jurisdictions has been found to contain a combination of heroin mixed with fentanyl, carfentanil and other opioids.

Brandon Police are continuing the investigation.

A livestock tour for producers around the province will take place next week.

The tour that takes place on July 31st and August 1st is designed to showcase different ideas and strategies to help producers increase profits and manage the workloads associated with today’s livestock operations.

Producers have the opportunity to learn from other producers who have adopted new concepts to suit their operations.

Registration is only $30 a day, and that includes lunch, refreshments, and all reference materials.

Payment will be made “at the gate” but producers wishing to attend must Pre- Register.

Tour stops include the Brandon area, Brookdale, Melita, Lyleton, Pipestone, Hamiota, and Virden.

For more information on the Manitoba Livestock Producer Tour or to pre-register call 204-622-2007 or go to the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association website.

A disgraced Manitoba politician who was kicked out of the governing PC Caucus says he is running for re-election as an Independent Candidate.

Cliff Graydon said once before that he would retire from politics after being booted from the backbenches over inappropriate remarks made to female legislative staff members and an alleged groping that Graydon denies happened.

Graydon says that voters in his constituency of Emerson have asked him to run again for the September 10th provincial election

Graydon was ousted from the PC’s last fall after reports that he had invited two women to sit on his lap on two separate occasions and invited one to lick food off his face.

The politician acknowledged at the time that his sense of humour was outdated and that he had made inappropriate remarks, but claimed he never sexually harassed anyone and has no recollection of asking anyone to lick his face.

Graydon also denied an accusation from a Tory volunteer that he groped and propositioned her at a social function at a Winnipeg bar in 2017.

No charges were ever filed against Graydon and the allegations have not been tested in court.

Graydon, who is in his 70’s, has also dealt with health issues including a suspected gall bladder attack. He has since said that his health has improved and wants to run again to address his constituents’ concerns over asylum-seekers crossing the border.