Rotary Radio Week continues on 730 CKDM. During the course of the week, we will be highlighting different members of the Rotary Club of Dauphin.

Lindsay Dingwall has only been a member of the Rotary Club of Dauphin for a couple of months.

She decided to join because she found herself attending a lot of events hosted by the Rotary Club, and she became interested in the things they do.

She joined the Al Morning Show to share the benefits of becoming a Rotarian.

“Obviously, it helps the community, but selfishly, it feels good just being part of something,” said Dingwall. “Rotary is really great, they’re really supportive, encouraging, and a dedicated group of people for sure. It’s just a happy place to be and they so much for the community.”

Rotary Radio Week continues all week long on 730 CKDM, be sure to tune into the Al Morning Show, where he will have interviews with the Rotarians.

The fall season is here.

Kelly Sonnenburg, with the Weather Network, expects to see a normal fall in the Parkland.

Temperatures will be steadily falling throughout the season and seeing some snow towards the end.

Last week compared to this week is a great representation of what fall will look like. Last week there was some warm days, even reaching 30 degrees, and this week by the end the temps will be in the single digits.

The precipitation outlook in our area will also be close to normal, with a more active storm track.

Sunrise Credit Union and Minnedosa Credit Union are in discussions to merge, as of July 1st, 2020.

The goal of the merger is to improve member service through an expanded geographic area, improved product offerings, enhanced career opportunities for employees, and greater cost savings.

General Manager of Minnedosa Credit Union, Brad Ross, says that merging is the best way for the credit union to continue to serve its members, and communities, into the future.

The name after the merger would continue to be Sunrise Credit Union.

An information meeting on the merger for members will be held on October 16th at 7 pm at the Minnedosa Community Conference Centre and members of both credit unions will have a chance to vote on the merger.

Minnedosa members can vote on November 5th, and Sunrise members can vote the next day, on November 6th.

Tuesday was the second day of Rotary Radio Week. During the course of the week, we will be highlighting different members of the Rotary Club of Dauphin.

Kathy Bellemare has been a member of the Rotary Club for 11 years.

She says that she became a Rotarian because she's interested in making the community a better place.

"That's really what Rotary is all about," said Bellemare. "They want to provide service above self, they're there to make the community as good as (they) can.

One of the things the Rotary Club does in the community is supporting students through scholarships. One such scholarship is the one that they give to a deserving student graduating from the DRCSS that is planning on taking engineering. They award the scholarship to a student who best exemplifies the values of Rotary.

Rotary Radio Week continues all week long on 730 CKDM, be sure to tune into the Al Morning Show, where he will have interviews with the Rotarians.

A third man involved in the shooting of an RCMP officer near Onanole last summer has entered guilty pleas for his role in the crimes that led up to the shooting.

Delaney Houle pleaded guilty in Brandon provincial court yesterday morning to unauthorized possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle, possession of a weapon obtained through the commission of a crime and two counts of break and enter.

Houle was one of four men arrested following the shooting that left an RCMP officer seriously injured. Cpl. Graeme Kingdon was shot after he and his partner were called to a report of a break-in.

Houle and Therae Racette-Beaulieu, the man who admitted to the shooting, were arrested the next morning at the home of a local couple, who they asked for a ride.

Therae Racette-Beaulieu is serving a 15-year prison sentence for attempted murder, as well as three years for the crimes that led up to the incident. He is also facing charges after a stabbing at the Brandon Correctional Centre.

Houle has been out on bail since October. He had only one prior conviction for failing to comply with the conditions of a court order.

Tommy Beaulieu, another one of the four men charged, pleaded guilty last month. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, one count of breaking and entering to steal firearms, and one count of robbery.

The fourth man, Shane Beaulieu, has yet to enter pleas and is expected back in court in October.

Houle and Tommy Beaulieu are due to be sentenced in Minnedosa at a later date.

On Friday morning, at around 6:30 am, Fisher Branch RCMP along with the Emergency Response Team executed a search warrant at a residence on the Peguis First Nation.

Officers seized a large amount of cash, approximately 48 grams of cocaine, 250 grams of cannabis, two handguns, one shotgun, and a high powered rifle.

Four males and a female, all residents of the Peguis First Nation, were arrested and charges are pending.

RCMP continue to investigate.

One of three people charged from a November 2017 Neepawa murder has a new court date.

21-year-old, Molly Syganiec from Brandon will be appearing in court on October 1st.

The death of a 62-year-old man lead to second-degree murder charges for Syganiec and Kelsie Lesergent, also from Brandon.

Lesergent pleaded guilty to manslaughter and will be sentenced in Minnedosa next month.

The third person charged in the murder, 34-year-old, Denver Henderson, from Killarney, who has been charged with manslaughter and accessory after the fact to murder, won’t be in court until February 5th.

On Saturday morning, Portage la Prairie RCMP responded to a report of a body being found on the railway tracks.

Once on scene, officers located a 27-year-old man from Portage, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is believed the man was struck by a passing train earlier that morning.

Portage RCMP and the Forensic Identification Unit continue to assist the CN Police Service in the investigation.

Monday was the first day of Rotary Radio Week. During the course of the week, we will be highlighting different members of the Rotary Club of Dauphin.

Mayor Allan Dowhan has been a member of the Rotary Club of Dauphin for 25 years. He says he joined the club because the values of the club are in line with his own.

“It was the service they do to the community, and also expanding their boundaries into the world, with the youth world exchange, polio plus initiative to eradicate polio in the world,” said Dowhan. “All this is with my values, so I decided to join.”

Dowhan added that in the club’s 95 years in the community, they have donated over a million dollars to the community, as well as projects worldwide, like the construction of shelter boxes in Haiti, Japan, The Philippines, and Syria.

Locally they have contributed money to things like the bike trails at the Selo site, the Countryfest Community Cinema, the Rec Complex, the Vermillion walking bridge, and many more community projects.

Rotary Radio Week continues all week long on 730 CKDM, be sure to tune into the Al Morning Show, where he will have interviews with the Rotarians.

CancerCare Manitoba has received a donation of 1 million dollars from the Manitoba Metis Federation.

It's the largest donation ever from a Manitoba Indigenous group.

The funding will improve testing for current patients and go towards research into testing.

Federation president David Chartrand announced the funding at the organization's annual general assembly over the weekend during his opening remarks.

The fire department has had a few false alarms recently with people pulling fire alarms.

Last week, the fire department responded to an apartment because fire alarms were going off, however, when they got there, one of the pull stations had been pulled even though there wasn’t a fire.

Fire Chief Cam Abrey says under the city of Dauphin’s by-laws, this is deemed a false alarm.

“There is quite a cost involved with dispatching the fire department and other emergency services. So when we find that there are false alarms like this, under the city of Dauphin’s fee schedules that they have within their by-laws, for false alarms, individuals can be charged anywhere between 350 dollars, up to 800 dollars.”

Abrey adds that when incidents like this happen it disrupts people’s lives, and causes great concern.

Fire Chief Cam Abrey says it’s not just falsely pulling a fire alarm that can result in a fine.

“People that start tampering with the life safety equipment. If they’re in a rental property and they start fooling around with the smoke alarms or heat detectors that are in there, they can also be charged for that. Because in removing some of the wirings from there, you may set off the entire alarm system. If you’re having issues with the alarm system in your rental, call your landlord, address the issue and have it taken care of properly. Please don’t try to modify any of the equipment yourself. Don’t block off any detectors, heat detectors or smoke detectors, talk to your landlord and have the situation remedied.”

The fire department deals with 5 to 10 of these kinds of incidents per year.