Road improvements and additional town maps have been added.

Neepawa, Niverville, and Stonewall are the towns that have been added to reflect their increasing populations.

The town and city maps have a new design where their population values are listed, the towns and cities are also laid out in alphabetical order.

The updated map is ready for the summer tourism season in both digital and physical editions.

The main updates to roads in the province are for new paved surfaces, road re-alignments, the completion of the all-weather road to Berens River, the establishment of PR 412 as a provincial road from Dallas to Jackhead, and current winter roads.

In a press release, Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler said,

“Manitoba has so much to offer visitors and residents alike. The updated road map will help them to reach those great experiences.”

Manitoba will continue to observe daylight savings time.

The bill to end the time change twice a year was defeated in the Manitoba legislature.

Bill 205 The Official Time Amendment Act was voted down with 34 to 5.

 Cliff Graydon, the Member of the Legislature for Emerson introduced the bill after several constituents raised the issue.

In a release, Graydon says Manitobans are talking about the issue. Citing recent surveys done by 730ckdm and the Winnipeg Sun finding 72% and 73% of Manitobans support ending daylight savings time.

“The time change is disruptive,” said Mr. Graydon, who was convinced to bring forward this bill after discovering that the time change caused increases in traffic accidents, heart attacks, mental health cases, and workplace injuries. “I felt the people of Manitoba should enter the future and discontinue this disruptive practice.”

Graydon says the government’s argument for defeating the bill was that any move to change the time would have to be done at the same time as other jurisdictions.

The RM of Lakeshore’s spring clean-up campaign is taking place on May 6th and 20th.

The cleanup is taking place in Ochre River and the Ochre River Beach areas.

Only leaves and limbs will be picked up.  You’re asked to put the yard waste beside your regular garbage site for pickup.

They will only pick up leaves that are bagged and limbs that are cut into 5-foot lengths and bundled up.

They will not pick up loose limbs, building demolition, waste, furniture, and appliances.

If you have any questions, call Tim Jury at 204-733-25488.

The Unity Women’s Maker Collective is having their Grand Opening Event today.

Mary Myhre is part of the Unity project and says they’re based out of Parkland Crossing.

“We have a storefront space and a maker’s space in our room. Maker’s space means people can book appointments to come down and use our sewing machine, vinyl cutter, or anything else we have for making things. IT’s a very open space for the public.”

They have etched glassware, a few different types of beeswax candles, and woodworking, all hand made by the women a part of the Unity Project.

Myhre wants to highlight a new glassware collection they are making. They call it the Dauphin Virtues Collection and the names of all the bronze statues around Dauphin have been etched onto the glasses.

Unity Womens Maker Collective Product

Myhre says they do plan to run another intake for the Unity Project later this year in August or September.

Myhre is asking for those that stop by to bring a donation for the food bank.

“We want to partner well with everybody here at Parkland Crossing. They’ve been so hospitable to us in opening this room to us. The food bank is a big part of that and they are in need right now. Their shelves are a little bit empty so they could use some donations. If you plan on coming down today please bring a tin for the bin and we’ll make the donation at the end of the day.”

Their storefront area will be open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-1pm.

They will also be selling their product at Mega Deals, which will allow people that can’t make it to Parkland Crossing during the time they’re open still support them.

It’s day two of the Rotary Book Sale going on at the Dauphin Market Place Mall.

Jean-Louis Guillas says they are doing great and you should come down to check out what’s available. 

“It’s a great opportunity to get some great literature, some gently used books, and stock up for cottage season that’s coming up.  You’ll want to be sitting out there in the sun reading good books.”

Guillas says it’s gratifying to see the support as they raise money that will go towards helping improve our community.

“People have spoken that it’s a good opportunity to recycle and also to support the community. We’re trying to do good things in the community. Whether it’s cycling trials or scholarships.”

Guillas notes yesterday the club had their best sales ever.

The book sale runs until this Saturday with regular mall hours.

The Home Hardware store in Neepawa burned down a little over four years ago, and a judge has ruled the fire was deliberately set by the store's owner, Patrick Guilbert.

The ruling came from a lawsuit filed by Guilbert against his insurance company for not providing coverage in the amount of three million dollars. As a result of the lawsuit, he must now repay tens of thousands of dollars to the insurance company.

In the judge's decision, it was noted that Guilbert conceded a financial motive, as the business was failing at the time.

An investigation by Manitoba's Office of the Fire Commissioner couldn't determine an exact cause of the fire itself.

The Manitoba Health Protection Unit Office in Dauphin is temporarily closed.

A provincial spokesperson with Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living confirms the closure and explains it is due to staff vacancies.  They say recruitment is underway to restore the office to full service.

Sharla Griffiths says the city found out it was closed last week.

“We are working on two projects or two properties with them. We have been told that they will still be able to provide those services out of Brandon. We may not have access to a person to visit on site, on the date we would want them there.”  She continues, “We are told that, through either conversations, pictures on email, or the regularly scheduled visits to Dauphin, that we can still continue to work with them.”

Griffiths says the province told them the office should be open by June or early summer.

The community is asked to direct their public health concerns or inquiries to the Brandon office for assistance.

Volunteers are a big part of what makes the Dauphin Friendship Centre strong.

The Food for Thought program was the most volunteered with 1400 volunteer hours being put in.

Dauphin Friendship Centre Program Coordinator Lindsay Sanderson says volunteers are important for the DFC because it gets the community involved, people can build up resume skills, and a lot of the events the DFC puts on wouldn’t be able to be put on without volunteers.

Sanderson says a lot of other programs and events wouldn’t happen or run as smoothly without their volunteers.

If you’d like to volunteer you can go to the friendship centre and fill out a volunteer form.

Sanderson says they held a volunteer appreciation evening with the theme volunteers are the stars of the show.

Consumers in Manitoba have been hit with major price hikes since recreational marijuana use was legalized last fall.

Statistics Canada reports the average cost of a gram of dried cannabis shot up 17.3 per cent nation-wide, which is about $8.04 since legalization. In Manitoba, it went up 27.7 per cent.

New Brunswick saw an even bigger prices jump of 30.5 per cent.

The agency is basing its conclusions on price quotes gathered on its crowdsourcing application and is urging caution when interpreting the self-submitted data.

The fire department has released its first-quarter report.

The Dauphin Fire Department has responded to 51 incidents in the city and RM.

The split is 45 in favour of the city and 6 responses in the RM.

Fire Chief Cam Abrey says 33 per cent of their calls are false alarms, 25 per cent are kitchen fires, motor vehicle collisions make up 14 per cent, and to round off the top 4, 8 per cent of the fire department’s calls are structure fires.

Over the past few years, false alarm calls have stayed pretty consistent while kitchen fires have risen.

Kitchen fires are typically caused by unattended cooking.

Structure fires are also up this year.

The four structure fires they responded to were in the Dauphin Marketplace Mall when sparks from an angle grinder caused a fire in the maintenance room, the basement of Smitty’s when greasy rags and aprons self-ignited, the bond building fire which is still under investigation by the office of the fire commissioner, and the mobile home fire which also remains under investigation by the office of the fire commissioner.

Dauphin’s Gerald Thiele is a Ducks Unlimited Canada Volunteer of the Year in Manitoba.

 In a release, the organization says he is an ambassador who helps raise critical funds for wetland conservation through DUC’s annual fundraising dinner and auction in Dauphin. Noting Thiele believes strongly in educating the next generation about the importance of conservation and has helped his DUC volunteer committee establish a bursary for local high school students enrolling in post-secondary studies related to environmental sciences.

 Brad Porath, the manager of events and volunteer relations for DUC in Manitoba, says Thiele is one of the hardest working volunteers, and he puts in the time to do whatever is needed for their fundraising dinners.

 “Water conservation is an important issue now and will be in the future,” says Thiele. “Canada is blessed with an abundance of fresh water that needs to be protected. I volunteer for Ducks Unlimited Canada because they have the staff and the knowledge to play an important role in protecting this resource.”

Thiele has volunteered with DUC for 21 years.

April 7th to the 13th is National Volunteer Week. The organization says it’s an opportunity to recognize people like Thiele who share their time and talents to help make a difference in their community.

DUC is supported by more than 5,600 volunteers across the country. This includes more than 760 in Manitoba.