Children’s care at the Dauphin Hospital has received a boost from the Dauphin and District Shrine Club.

Close to $6,000 has been donated to help purchase a Broselow Pediatric Emergency Cart and the related support equipment. The Broselow Cart is a colour-coded system for children up to the age of 12 that allows for quick access to correct sizes of medical equipment in the event of an emergency.

A representative from the Khartum Temple Shrine Club, Dave Yeo, says one of their main objectives is to fundraise for initiatives, projects or equipment that supports children and their families within the Parkland region. He adds that the local Shriners have made contributions over the past few years to benefit other health care facilities within Prairie Mountain Health region including Grandview and Ste. Rose.

The shrine club raises money throughout the year with raffle ticket sales, Christmas cake sales, and recycling drink cans.

The United States announced yesterday they’re planning on allowing Americans to bring prescription drugs from Canada across the border.

Barret Procyshyn, a pharmacist at the Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy, isn’t a fan of the announcement.

“This is terrible for Canadians because there’s already a drug shortage in Canada and having Americans tap into our prescriptions supply could be devastating.”

Procyshyn doesn’t think Americans will come to Dauphin too much, but he does think Americans will come to Manitoba and the rest of the country.

He says it will create shortages at their wholesaler, which will raise costs for Manitobans because pharmacies will have to buy straight from the name-brand medication.

Procyshyn notes this wouldn’t be sustainable for Canadians.

“The US market is 10 times Canada’s size if not more than that. We cannot supply the US with the medications that they need. Everyone has to understand Canada is not the United States’ pharmacy. We just can’t do it, we don’t have the supply to do it, and right now we don’t even have the supply to take care of Canadians, never mind Americans coming across the border and accessing our supply. It’s going to put a ton of pressure on the system and you’re going to see consequences in Canada if this does occur.”

With the weaker Canadian dollar, this makes it cheaper for Americans.

Tune in at 12:40 for the full interview Isaac Wihak did with Barret Procyshyn.

The search for Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod continues in Northern Manitoba.

As we approach day 10 of the manhunt, fatigue becomes a factor, said a former Mountie from BC.

"I think fatigue is definitely the biggest thing right now," said Kim Watt-Senner. "When you're trying to find people in tough terrain as they are, it makes for a very tough and frustrating search."

"I believe the RCMP is waiting for public input and they're just regrouping by going back to Gilliam," she added. 

Although the Canadian military has left the hunt, that doesn't the aggressive hunt stops. 

"With frustration setting in, I think the search is getting even more aggressive," added Watt-Senner. "The RCMP is doing the best they can to contain the suspects. At some point, they will be apprehended if they're still alive."

"I think everyone Canadian is interested in what's going to happen with this," said Watt-Senner. "Everyone just wants this to end."

The recent Capital One data breach has affected about six million Canadians. The hacker accessed personal information of Capital One customers and people who applied for Capital One credit cards.

The person responsible for the hack has since been arrested.

With the recent data breach, Trent Hutsal, the Director of Information Technology with Fusion Credit Union has some tips to help to make your banking information more secure.

Hutsal says that identity thieves are looking for information like your full name, date of birth, Social Insurance Number, your address, and your mother’s maiden name. He suggests not ever sharing that information with anyone you may not know, especially on social media.

Hutsal adds that everyone should pay close attention to their monthly credit card and bank account statements for unexpected charges and payments.

If you feel you have been the victim of identity theft, Hutsal says the first step is to call your local police service and file a report. Then contact your bank or financial institution, and your credit card company. The next step would be to contact the two national credit bureaus, Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada, and place a fraud alert on your credit reports. Then finally the last step would be to report identity theft and fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

A useful way to prevent identity fraud is to not share any key information with anyone, even close family and friends, and change your usernames and passwords regularly.

The City of Dauphin is reminding residents that property taxes are due and payable in full today.

They must be submitted by 4:30.

Late penalties of 15 per cent will be charged for any amounts that remain unpaid.


The hydro outage has ended just after 11.


This morning’s storm has caused hydro outages for 600 customers in Swan River.

Westman Communications also says they don’t have service in Swan River and Minitonas and are working to restore internet to their customers.

The west and southwest sides of Swan River are the affected areas.

UPDATE: The severe thunderstorm watch has ended as of 9:24 this morning (Wednesday).

Environment Canada has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for much of the Parkland.

The watch includes Dauphin; Gilbert Plains; Grandview; Winnipegosis; Fork River; Ethelbert; Roblin; Russell-Binscarth; and the Rural Municipalities of Dauphin; Lakeshore; and Riding Mountain West.

Conditions are favourable for thunderstorms that could bring strong winds, torrential rain, and large hail this morning and afternoon.

Find the full details here.

The 54th edition of Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival starts tomorrow afternoon when the gates open at 1.

The weekend will feature 5 grandstand shows featuring acts like the Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble, Double the Trouble, Canada’s National Riding and Dancing Cossacks & Company and Marina Krut.

Following the Saturday night grandstand show, there will be fireworks to cap off the night.

Sunday will feature tons of local acts and a perogy eating contest.

Tickets will be available at the gate which opens Thursday at 1 pm.

For a full schedule of events, check out the CNUF website.

While many public health offices in Canada have discontinued testing ticks for Lyme disease, Manitoba still does.

A government spokesperson says ticks can still be submitted using the tick checker.

A reason for discontinuing the tests is the length of the process.

Health offices recommend if a tick has been on you for 24 hours you should see a doctor instead of waiting weeks or months for a test result.

Several criteria have to be met in jurisdictions that recommend treatment following a tick bite.

The specimen must be correctly identified as a black-legged tick, have been attached for a minimum of 24 hours, have been removed within the last 72 hours and have been acquired from a region with an infection rate more than 20 per cent.

In Manitoba, there are some areas with tick infection rates greater than 20 per cent, but the government hasn’t recommended treatment at this time.

The government has left the decision to prescribe antibiotics up to the health care provider.

Currently, in the Prairie Mountain Health region, there are a number of reviews for possible cases of Lyme disease.

While tick numbers peak between May and July, black-legged ticks can be active all the way to snowfall.

The government encourages Manitobans to wear an appropriate repellant and to conduct tick-checks shortly after coming inside from outdoor activities.

Since the Dauphin Chamber Street Fair takes place tomorrow, the city will get ready tonight.
Parking barricades will be placed on affected streets this evening, and will be on Main Street North from 4th Ave to 2nd Ave from the post office to CIBC, and on 3rd Ave Northeast from 1st St Northwest to the first back lane of 3rd Ave Northeast from the United Church to Nutters.
Also remember to tune in tomorrow when Al Gaines takes the Al Morning show to the street for starting at 7.

With the warm days of summer full in effect, you should always make sure you're taking some precautions when driving around with your furry friend.

The most notable precaution is not leaving your animal in the car unattended.

"You do not want to leave pets or children in a vehicle for any amount of time on a hot day," said Roxane Neufeld, Owner & Vet at the Dauphin Vet Clinic. "Temperatures in a vehicle can actually rise by 10 degrees Celsius within 10 minutes. There's really no safe amount of time to leave them."

That means if its 30 degrees outside, within 10 minutes, your vehicle could have an inside temperature of 40 degrees. 

If your animal is along for the ride and you need to make a stop, here are some other tips to follow.

"If you absolutely need to, leave your vehicle running with the air conditioning on, park it in the shade and keep the windows open. That will sort of safeguard against it," said Roxane. "With that being said, you should never ever plan to leave your animal or pet in a vehicle alone."

Throughout the week, temperatures are expected to climb into the 30's. That includes 32 degrees on Friday and Saturday. Even outside of the vehicle, the heat can affect your animal.

"It's very important that your pets have access to shade and lots and lots of drinking water," concluded Neufeld.