A disgraced Manitoba politician who was kicked out of the governing PC Caucus says he is running for re-election as an Independent Candidate.

Cliff Graydon said once before that he would retire from politics after being booted from the backbenches over inappropriate remarks made to female legislative staff members and an alleged groping that Graydon denies happened.

Graydon says that voters in his constituency of Emerson have asked him to run again for the September 10th provincial election

Graydon was ousted from the PC’s last fall after reports that he had invited two women to sit on his lap on two separate occasions and invited one to lick food off his face.

The politician acknowledged at the time that his sense of humour was outdated and that he had made inappropriate remarks, but claimed he never sexually harassed anyone and has no recollection of asking anyone to lick his face.

Graydon also denied an accusation from a Tory volunteer that he groped and propositioned her at a social function at a Winnipeg bar in 2017.

No charges were ever filed against Graydon and the allegations have not been tested in court.

Graydon, who is in his 70’s, has also dealt with health issues including a suspected gall bladder attack. He has since said that his health has improved and wants to run again to address his constituents’ concerns over asylum-seekers crossing the border.