Yesterday, Dairy Queen made its long-anticipated open. In the first hour of being open, over 100 people made it for an early lunch.

Most people were feeling good about Dairy Queen being open, Christina from Dauphin was one of those people.

“We’re pretty excited! We usually go to Neepawa and stop on the way to Winnipeg so it’s nice to have it here.”

Cavan from Dauphin was also one of the first 100 people into DQ.

“It’s pretty good that we have another restaurant cause it’s a new thing that I like.”

The first 100 people received coupons for a free burger and a free small blizzard.

CKDM’s Darnell Duff spent about 40 minutes waiting to get into DQ.

“I’m a Dairy Queen fan and I know a lot of people are. Especially after golf, I’ll definitely come here for a blizzard, maybe fries and a burger, so I’m pretty excited about it for sure.”

Some people were standing out in line in the -10 weather for an hour waiting for the open. The Dairy Queen staff even mentioned people waiting in their car outside the DQ at around 6:30 in the morning.