With spring break here, people are hitting the highways and will probably come across a semi.

Jim Campbell from First Class Training Centre says large trucks have four blind spots that small vehicles should avoid. They include right in front and on the sides from the mirror to the drive tires.

“One of the bigger pet peeves for a lot of drivers are people hanging in right behind the trailer. The old saying that if you, as a car driver, cannot see our mirrors, well then we obviously can’t see you. So that’s a major blind spot.”

He also warns never to cut off a semi. Their stopping distance is a lot farther and takes a lot longer to stop safely. 

“We cannot stop like you can in a car. It takes a lot of time and distance to be able to stop properly and safely. We’re dealing with a lot of weight. We’re dealing upwards of 80 thousand plus pounds.”

If space opens up beside a semi when they are planning to turn, small cars are told never to sneak in.

“A lot of drivers will require what we call a button hook turn where we are going to need some of that left lane as well to swing wide enough to make that turn. If that little gap opens up between the curb and the trailer, don’t try and race it. Don’t try and squeeze in there and beat the truck. Because that’s where a lot of accidents happen.”

Campbell says to be patient and give drivers the space they need to make the turn safely.