This year's Intermountain Conservation District Community Tree Program was a big success.

61 landowners participated with 7000 trees ordered.

“We’re quite a bit higher than last year. So last year was the second year we had about 700 trees, and I think nine landowners,” said Jeff Thiele, from IMCD.

The program is set up for larger planting.

“It’s mostly rural. There is some in the urban areas. But we kind of have it set up so you have to order in bundles of 25. So if you want some spruce trees you have to order 25 seedling spruce trees.” He continues, “So generally it’s more than just someone’s house in town. It’s probably going to be planting out of town.”

IMCD received applications from all over the district, including Cowan, Grandview, Winnipegosis, and Ethelbert.

“Every year we see less and less trees in the Parkland area. I’ve been working and living in the area for a while, so it’s certainly noticeable when you look at a 30-year time frame. We have fewer trees then we did back in the day. So if we can try to catch up a little bit by planting more trees that’s what Intermountain is thinking.”

Thiele is hopeful for another increase in participation next year. The district amalgamations will also help.

They are trying to get back to the 20 to 25 thousand trees the shelterbelt centre in Saskatchewan use to provide the Parkland each year before it closed down.