Watch for CKDM’s Alec Woolston on Location from Reit-Syd Equipment on Thursday June 20th for Lawn and Power Sports Day. Stop in at Reit-Syd Equipment and see what they have on offer. Including a great line up lawn and garden products for quick, clean and efficient yard care. Reit-Syd Equipment is also very proud to be your local Starcraft family of boats and Evinrude boat motor dealer. Or, maybe you’re looking to hit the open water on brand new Sea Doo, well they have those too! All engineered and designed for maximum summer fun! If your more about the trails and off roadin, they have a great line up of CAN-AM ATV’s! It’s Lawn and power sports day this on Thursday June 20th from 8am to 7pm at Reit-Syd Equipment in Dauphin.