730ckdm.com is proud to announce the addition of our new job bank called Hire Up. We will be launching Hire Up live on Tuesday, October 22nd.

Hire Up will allow Parkland retail businesses, government organizations and professionals to list their job openings. If you have a subscription to the Parkland Direct Business Directory, then listings on our job bank are free! Hire up is another tool to help you recruit people that are interested in staying in the Parkland or coming to live and work in the Parkland. Our job bank will be extensively advertised every day on CKDM Radio. It will be advertised at 730ckdm.com with over 12 Thousand weekly users and with our Facebook friends, now boasting over 10 thousand followers. Hire Up is affordable, advertised daily and ready to help with your recruiting efforts. Whether your business or service has an extensive HR department or you’re just looking for skilled workers, hiring students or part-time help. Either way, any way, Hire Up can help.

Hire up is Coming to 730ckdm.com on October 22nd, so get your listing on Parkland direct today. Call Tracy at 204 638-3230 or just click here!