The Parkland Horsemen Association is getting set to host the 25th Annual Chuck Wagon & Chariot Races in Ste. Rose tomorrow.

Here is tomorrow's schedule:

12:00 p.m. - Moose's Caboose concession.

2:00 p.m. - Petting Zoo.

3:00 p.m. - Chariots.

6:00 p.m. - Chuck Wagons.

8:00 p.m. - Cameron Campbell Band.

The action continues on Sunday under the following schedule.

12:00 p.m. - Petting Zoo.

1:00 p.m. - Chariots.

2:00 p.m. - Eldon Campbell & Friends.

4:00 p.m. - Calcutta.

5:00 p.m. - Chuck Wagons.

Cameron Campbell will be racing and he hopes you can come out.

"At the start of our races the drivers are all in a line and you get a chance to get up close and personal with them," said Campbell. "We try to make it fun for everyone; it's going to be an exciting weekend."

"This is our first race of the year for the Manitoba club and some people are coming from Saskatchewan and they've had four or five races already," he added. "It's going to be a good test for everyone with a great field."

It's just $10 per day to get in. Anyone 10 & under gets in for free.

The Dauphin Kings held their AGM tonight and the 2018-19 year was a success for the team.

Overall, they profited $7,274.00.

Dean Cooley, Team President is pleased with how things went.

"You know we had a good year. We didn't profit a lot of money, but it's positive," said Cooley. "Junior hockey is a difficult thing these days. We're very happy and blessed to have sponsorship, a great fan base, and a lot of volunteers that work on fundraising and doing things that keep finances on the right side for the organization."

The team's fundraising dollars were down roughly $27,000 compared to last year. This year's total was $240,352 compared to $267,801 last year. Keep in mind, last year was the Kings' 50 for 50 campaign and it raised more than $50,000. 

Here is the team's revenue from this past season

Game night revenue: 2019 ($84,127)  2018 ($77,243)

Other revenue: 2019 ($30,460)  2018 ($19,193)

Ticket sales: 2019 ($129,730)  2018 ($105,399)

Sponsorship: 2019 (132,660)  2018 (105,399)

Total revenue: 2019 ($617,329)  2018 ($603,278)


Administration: 2019 ($96,431)  2018 ($89,526)

Wages & benefits: 2019 ($135,479)  2018 ($123,805)

Billets: 2019 ($55,295)  2018 ($52,492)

Dressing room: 2019 ($16,183)  2018 ($9,604)

Equipment: 2019 ($65,824)  2018 ($50,842)

Occupancy: 2019 ($36,080)  2018 ($32,929)

Player personnel: 2019 ($23,458)  2018 ($21,885)

Home opener: 2019 ($850)  2018 ($800)

Team travel: 2019 ($69,261)  2018 ($69,585)

League fees/referees/other miscellaneous: 2019 ($78,450)  2018 ($84,507)

Total expenditures: 2019 ($610,055)  2018 ($565,396)

Excess of revenue over expenditures: 2019 ($7,274)  2018 ($37,882) Without the 50 for 50 campaign, 2018 would have been a roughly $13,000 loss.

As the team now puts their full focus into preparing for Main Camp, Cooley notes good things should be on the way.

"We're very excited to think that we can run farther into the playoffs next year," he added. "Doug certainly thinks that we're going to have an improved hockey club. We feel our success rate will be higher than last year. That would also allow us to increase our revenue if we can win in the playoffs."

The team also announced three people have resigned from their positions on the Board of Directors.

Travis Roos, Daryl Bacon, and John Kulchycki have all stepped down from their respective positions.

With that, the Kings have welcomed three new members.

Ron Hedley - External Affairs.

Craig Kaminski - Game Day.

Doug Coughlan - Finance.

"I think turnover in any board situation is healthy. To have fresh eyes and energy is good," said Cooley. "Travis, Daryl, and John did so much for the club and we can't thank them enough."

"We're certainly excited to have some new blood, new ideas, and new energy with Ron, Craig, and Doug stepping in."

As we now look forward to next season, don't forget the team's schedule has been announced. You can find it at Dauphin Kings 2019-20. Stay tuned for the broadcast schedule with the Voice of the Kings, Darnell Duff.

The schedule for the Dauphin Kings has been released for the upcoming 2019-20 season.

Here is a complete look: All games start at 7:30 unless otherwise noted.

September 20 @ Swan Valley (Season Opener).

September 21 vs Swan Valley (Home Opener).

September 24 @ Waywayseecappo.

September 30 vs Swan Valley (Showcase in Winnipeg) 6:00 p.m.


October 1 @ Selkirk (Showcase in Winnipeg) 6:00 p.m.

October 4 vs Portage.

October 8 vs Neepawa.

October 11 @ Selkirk.

October 12 @ Steinbach.

October 13 @ Winnipeg - 2:00 p.m.

October 16 @ Waywayseecappo.

October 19 vs Neepawa.

October 22 vs Selkirk.

October 26 vs Winnipeg.

October 27 @ Portage - 6:30 p.m.

October 29 vs Virden.

October 30 @ Swan Valley.


November 3 @ OCN - 6:00 p.m.

November 5 vs Waywayseecappo.

November 8 vs Winkler.

November 9 vs Steinbach.

November 15 @ Selkirk.

November 16 @ Steinbach.

November 17 @ Winnipeg - 2:00 p.m.

November 20 @ Neepawa.

November 23 @ Winnipeg.

November 24 @ Winkler.

November 26 vs OCN.

November 29 vs Winkler.


December 3 vs Selkirk.

December 6 vs Winnipeg.

December 8 vs Virden - 4:00 p.m. (Tractor Lotto)

December 10 vs Waywayseecappo.

December 13 @ Winkler.

December 14 @ Winkler.

December 17 vs Selkirk.

December 21 vs Waywayseecappo.

December 22 vs OCN - 4:00 p.m.


January 5 @ Waywayseecappo.

January 7 vs Virden.

January 8 @ OCN - 7:00 p.m.

January 12 @ Virden - 7:00 p.m.

January 14 @ OCN - 7:00 p.m.

January 17 vs Portage.

January 24 @ Portage.

January 25 vs Swan Valley. (Ukrainian Night)

January 29 @ Swan Valley.

January 31 @ Virden.


February 4 vs Winkler.

February 7 vs Steinbach.

February 8 vs Steinbach.

February 12 @ Neepawa.

February 14 @ Steinbach.

February 15 @ Portage.

February 18 vs OCN.

February 21 vs Portage.

February 22 @ Neepawa.

February 25 vs Neepawa.

February 28 vs Winnipeg.


March 1 @ Virden - 7:00 p.m. (Season Finale)

Stay tuned for a broadcast schedule with the Voice of the Kings, Darnell Duff.

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The Swan Valley Stampeders held their Annual General Meeting last night.

Overall, the team has reported a deficit of $6,402.95.

Here is a full look:

Important Numbers (Revenue)

Income 2018-19 Season

Ticket Sales – $132,307.80.

Corporate Sponsorship – $110,623.10.

Fundraising – $81,059.52.

Planned Events – $155,130.48.

Total Revenue $479,120.63

Important Numbers In (Expenditures)

Expenses (Overlook)

Billets & Misc Player Costs – $51,991.65.

MJHL Fees – $18,000.

Referee – $22,666.90.

Arena/Dressing Room Rental – $29,030.57.

Recruit & Scouting – $7,608.99.

Sticks – $38,967.86.

Salaries & Benefits – $92,801.25.

Bus Repair & Maintenance – $28,402.73.

Hotels – $21,352.97.

Meals – $31,033.12.

Total Expenses - $478,387.55

Dauphin's Sami Love has had great success on the volleyball court wherever she's played. During her high school days, it was with the Dauphin Clippers and for the past two seasons, it's been with the Brandon University Bobcats women's volleyball program.

The team struggled as they missed the playoffs in both years, but Sami's presence out of the middle was always felt with her ability to make a big block or get a big kill.

Thanks to her success this past season, Sami was able to add to her impressive volleyball resume as she's the winner of this year's Cheryl Cable Memorial Award. The award is given to the top female Junior Volleyball player in the province. 

"It was definitely a very special moment to win an award that has been in the back of my mind for the last couple of years," said Love. "I definitely didn't expect it, we didn't have the greatest of seasons, but I worked really hard. It's nice to be recognized for my hard work."

"I knew I was going to be up against a lot of really good talent, Manitoba has a ton of talent playing volleyball," added Love on why she figures she was chosen. "Even with our team struggling, I knew if I could play hard for myself and the team that it wouldn't go unnoticed."

This past season was her second and final season with the Bobcats. As she exits the Bobcats program, the Dauphinite has nothing but good things to say.

"I really enjoyed how welcoming the Bobcats were coming from a small town," said Love. "Being good for my home town team didn't necessarily mean I was going to fit in at another level. I'm really grateful for how I was brought into this program and the success I had as a Bobcat."

Love's new volleyball chapter will begin in the fall with the ACC Cougars women's team. She will continue her studies to become a nurse while suiting up for the team. ACC finished 6-10 last season before they lost in the semi-finals against fellow Dauphinite, Renee Desroches

Sami hopes to make a difference for the team in their quest to a conference title.

"It's definitely a completely different program and I'm really excited to be playing for Jeff again, I've had some previous experience with him," said Love. "I'm really excited to take what I've learned during my time with the Bobcats into the college level at ACC."

"I've gone to a couple of practices with the team already and they have a really good group of girls," she added about her excitement on playing with the Cougars. "I'm really hoping I can lead this team to win something at the college level, it's going to be a fun ride."

Russell's Wyatt Tweet is heading to Swift Current in August for the Western Canadian Summer Games.

Tweet is one of two Midwest AAA players that have made the U16 Manitoba men's team.

"It feels awesome, it's a real honour," said Tweet. "To represent the province in a big tournament like this feels so awesome."

Wyatt's had to stay very consistent over the past year in order to make the team. The program began tryouts last summer and they continued with indoor practices throughout the winter and into this spring. Wyatt ended up finding out he made the team about two weeks ago.

"Throughout the whole process guys need to be good teammates on and off the field," said Tweet. "Chasing foul balls and just doing whatever was needed. It was a long time coming, but I'm really happy with the end result of making the team."

"I think I did my part for the team pretty well and I believe I showed some skill on the diamond," he added. "I just did my job with the role I was given."

Manitoba will be joined by Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia at the tournament. It goes down from August 12-16 which gives Wyatt plenty of time to prepare for it.

"I'm just going to hit buckets and buckets of balls to make sure I'm ready," said Tweet. "I know it's going to be a really tough event. I'm setting my expectations for myself high and I'll play to the best of my ability and we'll see what happens."

In the meantime before the big tournament, Wyatt will suit up for the Midwest AAA ball club. They play their first exhibition game tomorrow night. After that, the team will practice and get ready for the U18 Provincial Championships Qualifier from July 5-7 in Hamiota. 

They will be very busy at that tournament as they play five games in three days. The games come against Pembina Hills, Oildome, Interlake, Carillon, and South Central.

After the round-robin, the top four teams advance to the Provincial Championships from July 27-29 in Winnipeg.

"Our teams very competitive this season," said Tweet. "We have a great group of guys and our chemistry is great. We all have our roles and we know what we need to do to win."

The Crocus Cup women’s golf tournament went down today at the Swan River Golf & Country Club and a Russell foursome took home the title.

With a net score of 63, Pam Elliott set the tone for the rest of the foursome. Sandra Robson finished with a net 66. Both Grace Clement and Joan Miller carded net 69’s. 

Their 198 total score gave the team a 23 stroke victory. 

Coming in second was the host Swan River foursome. Diana Taylor was the low member with a net 70. Ellen Little, Anita Stewart, and Mildred Cotton shot a net 75, 76, and 78 respectively. 

Linda Hamilton fired a net 73 to help Gilbert Plains secure third place. Jean Sydor was net 74 while Gloria Carmicheal finished with a 75. Marlyn Schwitzer fires a net 79. 

Linda Kitching shot the low round for the Dauphin ladies with a net 75. That was followed by Gail Tycoliz’ 79 while Margerat Heroux finished with an 85. Rounding out the team was Beth Tarrant who finished with an 87.

Barry Trotz is this year’s winner of the Jack Adams Award.

The award is given to the best coach in the regular season. 

After leading Washington to the Stanley Cup title last year, Trotz made the Islanders a title contender in a season that was expected to be sub-par.

They went 48-27-7 in the regular season and they followed that up by sweeping Pittsburgh in the first round.

Barry beat out Craig Berube and Jon Cooper.

The Canada Day Weekend Softball Classic is going down on Saturday, June 29 at the Ashern Sports Grounds.

It's a co-ed tournament which means four males or females must be on the field at all times and the entry fee is $250. Anyone 14 and under is considered co-ed. 

$200 of each entry fee goes right into the prizes which are given out to the top three teams.

There is a 12-team maximum and each team is guaranteed three games.

"We're raising funds for the West Interlake Wellness Committee. There is a group of people that are trying to re-purpose the Ashern Curling Rink," said Scott Cameron, Social Media representative for the West Interlake Wellness Committee. "We're looking to turn it into a wellness centre for the surrounding communities."

There will also be beer gardens, live entertainment, and a kid’s zone. 

"There is a range of entertainment for kids and a lot of it will be free," said Cameron. "It's going to be a really fun day and it's a great experience for all."

If you want to enter a team a $100 deposit is due by Saturday, June 22 to hold your team's spot. You contact Stefan at 739-3440 or Trevor at 768-0064 to enter today.

When Roblin's Brooklyn Hramalak took part in the U16 Team Manitoba women's hockey team tryouts, she had one goal and that was to make the team. Last year she fell just short of that goal, but after a few weekends of rigorous action this time around, the 15-year-old can say she's achieved her goal.

The Parkland Ranger is one of just six defencemen that cracked the final roster after the Top 40 camp.

"I was really excited about making the team especially because I didn't last year," said Hramalak. "It's a really happy moment for me."

As the evaluation camps went on, Brooklyn was nervous about the ending but confident at the same time.

"I had a lot of confidence in myself," said Hramalak. "I knew I was having a pretty good tryout and I was competing well against all of the other ladies."

Next up for Brooklyn and the rest of the team is the U16 July Prep Camp which takes place in Winnipeg on July 5-6. That gives the Roblin native a couple of weeks to prepare to join the final roster for the first time.

"I need to get lots of rest and eat healthy in preparation," said Hramalak. "I'm not quite as active right now because school sports are over so I'll be working on things when I'm at home."

That weekend will wrap things up for the next little bit. The team ramps back up in early September when they take part in the Swift Current Wildcats pre-season tournament. That's when Brooklyn will wear the Manitoba jersey in game action for the first time. 

"I'm really excited about it, it's going to be amazing," said Hramalak. "I know a lot of the girls on the team and it's going to be really fun to go out and play with all of them. It's also far away from home so that will be a cool experience."

Russell's Levi Derkatch joins Brooklyn on the team as the two Parkland players.

After a fantastic week to start the season, Winnipeg Blue Bombers Andrew Harris has been named one of the CFL's Players of the Week.

Harris couldn't be stopped on the ground as he rushed for 148 yards, one of which was 31 yards. He also added 27 yards through the air.

Trevor Harris and CJ Gable are the two other players that received the honour to begin the season.

Andrew and the Bombers are back at it on June 27 against Edmonton. Don't forget, you can hear that game right here on 730CKDM.