Kids and coaches all around the Parkland have been waiting for the go-ahead from Sport Manitoba and the provincial government when it comes to the starting of the 2020 baseball season and there is finally some good news in the sports world.

The Dauphin Minor Association will officially begin their season on June 15. Jodie Romanow is the President of Dauphin Minor Ball and she's very much welcoming the start of the season.

"It's a great feeling that we finally have the go-ahead," she said. "It was always so unsure, but we officially have the good word and we're really excited about it."

The season will run until July 31. When it comes to games and competition, that is still a big question mark as far as travelling outside of Dauphin. Romanow is waiting for more information from Baseball Manitoba on if they will be able to compete in tournaments and travel outside of the city. 

She does say that the earliest any competitions will begin is July 1. If they aren't allowed to travel outside of city limits, intrasquad games will be set up for the entire month of July.

Dauphin Minor does have head coaches for all of their age groups; however, they are currently looking for assistant coaches and if you're interested, you can contact Dauphin Minor on Facebook

Online registration is now open for the season if you haven't already signed up and it'll remain online until this Sunday, June 7. You can signup to play for the upcoming season at registration.

If you have signed up to play, but your plans have changed for the summer, you have until this Friday, June 5 to request a full refund.

If you do plan on withdrawing your son or child for the season, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject line of refund request. You are asked to include the names of all player(s) that will withdraw.

Dauphin Minor is also looking for safety officers at all levels.

"They'll be the keeper of all signage that needs to go up at practices and games," continued Romanow. "They're responsible for cleaning equipment after usage and assuring players are keeping their distance. There is also no spitting or sunflower seeds allowed."

More information on becoming a safety officer is here. On another note, usually, each regular season is followed with provincial championships; however, that is not the case in 2020. Baseball Manitoba has announced that they've cancelled all provincial championship events.

Baseball Canada previously announced that all national championships have also been cancelled for 2020. 

There's no doubt that this is unfortunate news, but it's something Dauphin Minor and every other association across the province has to deal with for the upcoming season.

"It's tough when you know you've lost that spirit of competition," concluded Romanow. "Our goal is to provide all kids with an atmosphere that they enjoy. We're going to try to introduce a bit of competition, but we'll see. We're hoping that the kids are just happy to be out and playing the game they enjoy."

After eight years as a part of the executive group for the Parkland Gators, Kelly Brennan is stepping down. 

It hasn’t yet been announced who will take over for Kelly.

In other news, Sammi Rea and Kenzie Amendt have graduated from the program. 

Sammi first joined the team in grade 2 while Kenzie joined in grade 6.

Sammi and Kenzie will join in the coming days.

The Dauphin Kings have completed a rather significant trade and they’ve added some local talent while doing do so.

The team has acquired Madden Murray who was originally drafted by the Neepawa Natives earlier this summer. 

Murray, from Dauphin, had a great past season with the Bantam Rangers.

Dauphin has also acquired Parker Malchuk who is one of the top defenceman in the league. Dauphin also gets a 6th round pick in the 2021 MJHL Draft.

With Portage and Neepawa last season, Parker scored nine times and he added 21 assists

In exchange, Dauphin sent Carter Sawchuk and Mitch Thiessen to Neepawa. 

Men's Night is set to kick off tomorrow night at the Gilbert Plains Country Club with its 18 hole, best-ball format.

Here is the full schedule. You can also check out the standings every week here.

Week 1 – June 2

Facey/McQuarrie vs. Carefoot/Newton

Lukey/Lobert vs. Toderian/Graves

Pottle/Todoruk vs. Todoruk/Zazuliak

Sharpe/McCallum vs. Hewey/Truman

Campbell/Scott vs. Kyle/Shaw

Pernarowski/Murray vs. Tomlinson/Vrooman

Todoruk/Odut vs. Gibbs/Hedley

Campbell/Maxwell vs. Pasternak/Duff

Fillion/Zatylny vs. Hedley/Hedley

VanAlstyne/Laughland vs. Argue/Mertens

Foote/Porter vs. Johnson/Barkman

Week 2 – June 9

Hewey/Truman vs. VanAlstyne/Laughland

Johnson/ Barkman vs. Lukey/Lobert

Todoruk/Zazuliak vs. Facey/McQuarrie

Hedley/Hedley vs. Gibbs/Hedley

Carefoot/Netwon vs. Pernarowski/Murray

Argue/Mertens vs. Campbell/Scott

Toderian/Graves vs. Pottle/Todoruk

Sharpe/McCallum vs. Todoruk/Odut

Tomlinson/Vrooman vs. Kyle/Shaw

Campbell/Maxwell vs. Fillion/Zatylny

Foote/Porter vs. Pasternak/Duff

Week 3 – June 16

Pottle/Todoruk vs. Johnson/Barkman

Fillion/Zatylny vs. Foote/Porter

Pasternak/Duff vs. Lukey/Lobert

Hedley/Hedley vs. Sharpe/McCallum

Campbell/Scott vs. Hewey/Truman

Pernarowski/Murray vs. Todoruk/Zazuliak

VanAlstyne/Laughland vs. Todoruk/Odut

Tomlinson/Vrooman vs. Carefoot/Newton

Facey/McQuarrie vs. Toderian/Graves

Kyle/Shaw vs. Argue/Mertens

Gibbs/Hedley vs. Campbell/Maxwell

Week 4 – June 23

Pottle/Todoruk vs. Pasternak/Duff

Todoruk/Zazuliak vs. Tomlinson/Vrooman

Foote/Porter vs. Gibbs/Hedley

Kyle/Shaw vs. Carefoot/Newton

Toderian/Graves vs. Pernarowski/Murray

Johnson/Barkman vs. Facey/McQuarrie

Hewey/Truman vs. Argue/Mertens

Hedley/Hedley vs. VanAlstyne/Laughland

Campbell/Maxwell vs. Sharpe/McCallum

Todoruk/Odut vs. Campbell/Scott

Lukey/Lobert vs. Fillion/Zatylny

Week 5 – June 30

Pasternak/Duff vs. Facey/McQuarrie

VanAlstyne/Laughland vs. Campbell/Maxwell

Gibbs/Hedley vs. Lukey/Lobert

Sharpe/McCallum vs. Foote/Porter

Fillion/Zatylny vs. Pottle/Todoruk

Argue/Mertens vs. Todoruk/Odut

Campbell/Scott vs. Hedley/Hedley

Carefoot/Newton vs. Todoruk/Zazuliak

Pernarowski/Murray vs. Johnson/Barkman

Tomlinson/Vrooman vs. Toderian/Graves

Kyle/Shaw vs. Hewey/Truman 

Week 6 – July 7

Gibbs/Hedley vs. Pottle/Todoruk

Pasternak/Duff vs. Pernarowski/Murray

Todoruk/Odut vs. Hewey/Truman

Todoruk/Zazuliak vs. Kyle/Shaw

Lukey/Lobert vs. Sharpe/McCallum

Campbell/Maxwell vs. Campbell/Scott

Johnson/Barkman vs. Tomlinson/Vrooman

Toderian/Graves vs. Carefoot/Newton

Foote/Porter vs. VanAlstyne/Laughland

Facey/McQuarrie vs. Fillion/Zatylny

Hedley/Hedley vs. Argue/Mertens

Week 7 – July 14

Hewey/Truman vs. Hedley/Hedley

VanAlstyne/Laughland vs. Lukey/Lobert

Sharpe/McCallum vs. Pottle/Todoruk

Todoruk/Zazuliak vs. Toderian/Graves

Fillion/Zatylny vs. Pernarowski/Murray

Carefoot/Newton vs. Johnson/Barkman

Campbell/Scott vs. Foote/Porter

Argue/Mertens vs. Campbell/Maxwell

Gibbs/Hedley vs. Facey/McQuarrie

Kyle/Shaw vs. Todoruk/Odut

Pasternak/Duff vs. Tomlinson/Vrooman

Week 8 – July 21

Argue/Mertens vs. Foote/Porter

Tomlinson/Vrooman vs. Fillion/Zatylny

Toderian/Graves vs. Kyle/Shaw

Todoruk/Odut vs. Hedley/Hedley

Carefoot/Newton vs. Pasternak/Duff

Johnson/Barkman vs. Todoruk/Zazuliak

Facey/McQuarrie vs. Sharpe/McCallum

Pernarowski/Murray vs. Gibbs/Hedley

Lukey/Lobert vs. Campbell/Scott

Hewey/Truman vs. Campbell/Maxwell

Pottle/Todoruk vs. VanAlstyne/Laughland

Just about every Saturday throughout the golf season, Daryl Lacquette and a big group get together for a round of golf at several courses around the Parkland. One of which is the Gilbert Plains Country Club where Lacquette plays a ton throughout the season.

Growing up in Mallard, Daryl now lives in the Russell area and he's played a handful of rounds through the first month of the season, none of which ended up being as special as one over the weekend.

Lacquette and more than a dozen friends and family made their way to Neepawa to play a round at the gorgeous Neepawa Golf and Country Club. 

"I think I've been hitting the ball pretty well this year, I'm pretty happy, especially because it's so early in the season," said Lacquette.

The perfect shot:

This can be defined in many different ways. You can hole out from the fairway or, you can hole out from the tee-box on a par 3, or even on a par 4. A Portage La Prairie native made a hole-in-one at the Portage Golf Club over the weekend on a par 4.

Although Daryl hasn't holed out from the fairway yet this season, he has done just that from the tee-box. Playing the 8th hole in Neepawa, Daryl hit a dart with his 7-iron on the 168-yard hole and one shot was all he needed as he recorded his first hole-in-one of the season and second of his career. His first came about five years ago.

Daryl was the second last person in his group to shoot on the 8th hole and his friend was saying it was short; however, Lacquette knew it was right on target as he made the "perfect shot". 

Tyler Lacquette was one of the playing partners in the group.

"I think Tyler was more excited than I was. He was jumping and yelling it was in the hole," said Lacquette. "There was a bunch of high fives, it was pretty cool. I knew I hit it well and I guess I'm a bit lucky it went in, but it's pretty great."

Daryl and the group will now make their way to play the Minnedosa Golf and Country Club this weekend. 

2020 Parkland hole-in-one group.

  1. Daryl Lacquette
  2. Logan Chapman

The Western Canadian Baseball League doesn't have a team in Dauphin; however, you don't have to go far to watch some of the top collegiate players from around North America and the world respectively in the summer months.

There is the Yorkton Cardinals and there is also a team in Melville and just like their junior hockey team, they go by the Millionaires. Neither the Millionaires or Cardinals will be in action this summer, nor will any other one of the member clubs as the WCBL has announced that they've cancelled the 2020 summer season due to COVID-19. 

The WCBL gives top college players the chance to continue playing ball throughout the summer months. Andrelton Simmons who is now an MLB all-star formerly played for the Cardinals.

Lyle Vaughan is the team's president and he has this to say on the cancellation of the season.

"I kind of expected that this was going to happen," said Vaughan. "We have a lot of American players that come play in this league, so it's really no surprise. It was just kind of a matter of time before the decision was made."

61869007 2021866418110007 816022689360642048 nThe cancellation doesn't exactly affect Yorkton or Melville for the upcoming season. Both teams have announced that they're taking a one-year leave of absence.

When it comes to Yorkton specifically, Vaughan says having the Cardinals is a big thing for the city. He says it draws fans from other areas of the province and he notes people from Dauphin have made the trip down to Yorkton many times to watch the WCBL Club play.

"I don't think a lot of people realize just how good this league is, these are top college kids’ coming to play," continued Vaughan. "Andrelton Simmons, for instance, that just goes to prove that big players come to play in this league."

The league in all has member clubs from Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Brooks, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Moose Jaw, Okotoks, Regina, Swift Current, and Weyburn. 

Vaughan is hoping that the one year leave of absence is just that, one year.

"It's important that we get this team back on the field in time for the 2021 season," concluded Vaughan. "We have some things to figure out internally and we're already looking at solutions to assure we have a team moving forward."

Yorkton last won a league title back in 1967 when the league was called the Southern Baseball League. Melville won the league title back in 2013. 

It was very windy this past Wednesday and that's something that all golfers have to get used to at some point. It's not ideal; however, it's a condition that comes with spending time outside.

Over at the Dauphin Lake Golf Club, Logan Chapman was out for another round as he continues to improve every round he plays. This round; however, will go down as an extra special one and one that the 15-year-old from Dauphin will certainly never forget.

The 9th hole is by no means an easy one. A long par-3, it was playing downwind on Wednesday and although it doesn't play as an easy hole, on this particular day and round, Logan made it look easy. 

He struck his 8-iron very well and he knew it landed on the green, he just didn't know where. As he was driving up and approaching the green, Chapman realized it went in the hole as he recorded his first-ever hole-in-one.

"It feels really good to know that I got a hole-in-one," said Chapman. "I know there are so many great golfers that have an ace and it's a fantastic feeling that I'm a part of that club. It also gives me a lot of confidence, I know I'm not the greatest golfer, but I love doing it and I'm feeling better about my game."

Prior to the past two seasons, Logan didn't really take golf seriously. He has; however, hit the course three or four times per week for the past two years. As to why he enjoys golfing, that's a pretty simple answer for the Dauphinite.

"There's nothing to really worry about on the course, it's super calming," he concluded. "I just go out and have some fun with friends, it's a fantastic time."

Anyone who runs in a marathon knows how much hard work it takes to prepare to run it. Whether it is a half marathon or the full marathon, it certainly doesn't come easy and it takes months and months of preparation.

When it comes to the Boston Marathon, just getting the chance to run in the biggest marathon in the world is something most runners’ dream of. Sometimes dreams don't end up coming true; however, for a former native of Grandview, those dreams have come true not once, not twice, but three times.

Lori Shoemaker who grew up in Grandview and moved away for school when she was 17-years-old, has run in three Boston Marathons and one Los Angeles Marathon. Running in the Boston Marathon was always on Lori's bucket list, but she never knew if she would get that opportunity. 

For the former Grandview native who now lives just south of San Francisco, Lori began her extensive training in November of 2008. The training was based on a program that would prepare her to run in the 26.2-mile marathon which attracts more than 900,000 spectators each year.

For the next five or so months, Lori would ramp up her training each week. Some days she would run six miles, some days it would be three. The most she can recollect running before the big day was 23 miles.

Then on April 20, 2009, Shoemaker, cousin of Carla Wolfenden who is a co-owner of Steiner Plumbing & Heating in Dauphin, checked running in the Boston Marathon off her bucket list. She finished the 26.2-mile trek in just more than four hours.

"I can't even describe how incredible it was, it was such an amazing run," said Shoemaker. "Everyone in the community from start to finish is out; it's just like wall-to-wall people. There isn't any space for anyone for the entire 26.2-miles. It was truly amazing."

She remembers the race really being split up into two parts. There is the first 20-miles and then the last 6.2. By the time when she had only 6.2-miles left, Lori remembers the struggle and truly how much of a grind it was to finish.

Lori never expected to run another marathon again after she took part in Boston; however, that wasn't the case. In fact, she ran three marathons in three years. After 2009, she took part in the 2012 Los Angeles Marathon before she returned to Boston.


The 2013 Boston Marathon started like any other marathon; however, the finish was anything but normal. During the event on April 15, two homemade pressure-cooker bombs detonated 14 seconds and 210 yards apart at 2:49 p.m., near the finish line of the race. 

Three spectators died from the blast, the youngest of which was an 8-year-old boy. Sixteen people also lost legs; the youngest was a 7-year-old girl. Lori remembers being about two kilometres away from the finish line when the bombs detonated. She was running for the Boston Public Gardens that year and one of her team members was severely injured by the bomb and ended up spending many months in hospital.

"That was pretty emotional, there's no doubt about that," said Shoemaker. "You never think something like that would happen at such a big event and a safe one. Everyone is always just so happy to be there and when that happens, it's unbelievable."

Back again:

In her own words, Lori says she had to come back for the 2014 Boston Marathon because of what happened the previous year and that's exactly what she did. This time, Lori finished the 100373811 270116087468989 2012643089612537856 nmarathon in just less than five hours and this race would bring the end to Lori's marathon career. 

Although it was an emotional day coming back after what happened in the year prior, for the former Grandview native, it had to happen.

"It was very important that we went back. The team member that was hurt wasn't able to run yet," continued Shoemaker. "It was emotional because you realize how many people were affected by the year prior, and not only physically, but mentally as well."

"I know a lot of people didn't come back; however, we had to," she added. "The support of the community was amazing; it was truly incredible how they rallied behind all of us after 2013."

A career at a glance:

Lori had a goal of running in just one marathon. Instead, she ran in four from 2009-2014, three of which were in Boston. Although her marathon running days are indeed over, Lori will never forget about the experiences she had. 

"Boston is a really special place to run a race like that," continued Shoemaker. "The enthusiasm and the creativity of people is always amazing. Even for the people that aren't running, they make it their own day."

Moving forward:

Lori was getting excited to watch the 2020 Boston Marathon which was originally set to take place back on April 20. However, it was postponed to September 14 because of concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. 

Now, there won't be a Boston Marathon in 2020. For the first time in the race's 124-year history, it has been cancelled. The cancellation will affect the more than 31,000 registered runners.

Not even the Great Depression or ferocious storms had stopped the marathon in the past. The marathon pumps $211 million per year into the city's economy -- not counting the millions more that runners raise for charities. 

Although Shoemaker wasn't set to run in the 2020 event, she's still sympathetic for all that it does affect.

"For so many people, it would have been their first time to ever run and take part in this, it's really sad that it's not going to take place," concluded Shoemaker. 

If you're a golfer, there's a good chance that you've been asked how many rounds you have already played this season. With the season less than a month old, you'll get answers anywhere from just a couple to a handful to dozens, and anything in between. 

Thomas Scott certainly fits in the dozens category as the Dauphinite has teed it up about 25 times already this season. That means on average, Scott is playing more than one round a day, that's just how big of a golfer he is. The fact is he golfs every day and on several days, he'll tee it up more than once with a great group of friends that he plays with at the Dauphin Lake Golf Club.

This is Scott's third year of golfing basically every day in the summer and he says he got the passion for the game from his dad who used to be a big-time golfer as well during his junior days. 

Most of Scott's rounds in a year are outside of tournament play and all of them this year have been so far. However, that is set to change early next month. Scott will make the roughly four hour trip to Winkler as he tees it up in Golf Manitoba's Match Play Championship qualifier at the Winkler Golf Club. 

The event will be Thomas' first of the season and it'll also mark the first time that he's ever played in the men's amateur event. Scott says there truly is nothing better on a golf course than competing in an event with the best across the province.

"It's such a great chance to get experience, I love competitive golf," said Scott. "I'm a pretty competitive guy, so it just makes sense that I would play in events."

Being just 15-years-old, Scott still has a few years of junior eligibility so he will play some of those events this summer as well. As far as expectations for the event in Winkler, it's more so just about improving for Scott. He knows the field will be extremely tough and deep, full of the best players in the province. It'll also include Austin Dobrescu who won the amateur event last summer. 

The game plan is to keep it simple, minimize his mistakes, and most importantly, have some fun while playing some tournament golf, something that Thomas has certainly loved doing.

"There's going to be mistakes, I just have to find a way to rebound from them," he added. 

Tee-times haven't been published as of yet; however, we will have Thomas' results when the event begins.

Gridiron story:

Thomas says he loves the individuality that comes with playing golf. However, Thomas is also a big team player as he has shown on the football field.

100733861 265754594835360 5150256659439812608 nHe played with the Dauphin Clippers football team this past season where he played quarterback. 

We already know that Thomas has a bright future on the golf course. On the football field, he's known as a man with some speed and a good arm, so a bright future in football could be on the way as well.

"I certainly love football, it's pretty physical, and I find I enjoy that," concluded Scott. "I guess we'll see where it goes."

He also adds that the only thing on his mind right now is the tournament he will play on June 6 and 7. The top 32 men from the tournament will advance to the matches beginning on June 12. 

Like so many junior hockey players, Trevor Schroder's days as a junior player came to an end in mid-March when the Canadian Junior Hockey League cancelled all remaining play due to COVID-19. 

Schroder joined the Swan Valley Stampeders just in time for the 2019-2020 season and he was certainly one of the team's driving forces as they played to another very solid season, one that they had championship aspirations in.

The Stamps' qualified as the fourth-place team heading into the playoffs and they were up 2-1 in their best-of-seven series against the Waywayseecappo Wolverines. 

The Des Moines native was looking forward to a strong playoff push just like the prior season when the Stampeders made the league final and pushed the eventual Anavet Cup champion Portage Terriers to seven games. As he looks back on the season ending, it was, of course, a tough ending; however, he will always remember his time with the Stampeders.

"I really loved my time in Swan Valley. The community was amazing, our team was solid, it was a great stop in my hockey career," said Schroder. "I also think the MJHL doesn't get enough credit. It's a very well-rounded league and super competitive. The league definitely helped me develop and strengthen my skills."

99440143 2994069717350491 2106116511574786048 nTrevor was also a regular on the stat sheet throughout the course of the season. In 58 games, he scored 20 times and he added another 30 assists. His 50 points were the fourth most on the team and his 20 goals were only topped by Nathan Carl and Tommy Cardinal. Overall, Schroder was just outside the top-20 in league scoring.

"It was a successful year, I can't complain too much," continued Schroder. "It was the most I produced in a single season, so I'm happy about that. I also had some great teammates, so that always helps."

From south of the border, Trevor's first journey stop was in Fort McMurray where he joined the Alberta Junior Hockey League's Oil Barons in the 2017-2018 season. He had three goals and five assists in 30 games. After a 23 game stint in the North American Hockey League with the Kenai River Brown Bears in the following season, Schroder made his way to the valley.

Now that his junior days are officially over, Schroder is set for the next stage of his life and it will include hockey. The former Stampeder has committed to play with the Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Cardinals.

Located in Winino, Minnesota, the Cardinals compete in the Division 3 MIAC Conference. Trevor will also join former Dauphin King Avery Smith who also committed after his time in the MJHL. 

The team went 6-9-1 in conference play this past season.

"I really can't wait to get on campus. It's unfortunate that I can't go right now to check it out because it's closed, but I understand why," concluded Schroder. "I'm really excited and super anxious for the fall to get my college career going."

Schroder plans to do a double major in Finance and Exercise Science. 

The Dauphin Kings have announced that they will hold their Annual General Meeting on Thursday, June 18 at 6:00 p.m. at the Aspen Lodge inside of the Parkland Rec Complex.

Due to COVID-19, the Club has announced that the capacity will be 25 and physical distancing will be respected. 

"We're going to review the 2019-2020 season both from the hockey side of things and financially as well," said Dean Cooley, President. "We will also have an opportunity to take a look at what next year's team will look like and various other things."

As is the case for many junior teams, Dean does note that the books will have taken a hit. Dauphin was guaranteed at least one more playoff game on top of their spring camp as well as their golf tournament. 

"We do know that we're down some very important revenue," concluded Cooley. "We're going to have to be careful moving forward into next year in terms of what our expense structure looks like."

All the numbers from this past season will be available on June 18 beginning at 6:00 p.m. If you can't make it, Darnell Duff will have a full breakdown right after the meeting.