Thanks to a very good season with the Bantam Parkland Rangers, Ryder Thompson was recruited to play in the Selects Invitational in San Bastian, Spain last week.

The 13-year-old suited up on the Western Canada team, and they ended up finishing 9th of 22 teams in the round-robin. From there, they dropped their first game in the Round of 16 playoffs to the Czech Selects, 6-0.

"It was really fast and intense hockey," said Ryder. "I definitely hope I can do it again."

"It was awesome to meet some new friends," he added. "Then you add getting to play against some of the best players in the world, and getting to see some beautiful sights, it was a great experience."

In the six games the team played, Ryder chipped in one goal, and he remembers it like it happened just yesterday.

"We were in the offensive zone, and a guy passed it to me across the blue line," said Ryder. "I had a whole bunch of room to walk in, and I just took a shot and it went it. It was really cool for sure."

Now that Ryder's back in Canada, he'll take a little time off, before preparing for next season and he know's what he has to work on.

"I know I have to work on my speed because all the kids I was playing against were super fast," he added. "And, I have to continue working on my battles, and physical play."

Ryder's teammate on the Rangers Tyson Zimmer also played in the tournament and won gold with Draft Day Black.