Just in case you missed it, McCreary's Jaycee Terrick is a national mixed doubles gold medallist.

Terrick was a part of Team Jensen who represented Manitoba at the Canadian U-18 Curling Championships.

The foursome didn't have much success (0-6), but Terrick then teamed up with Braden Fleischhacker for the single-knockout mixed doubles competition.

The duo then won five games in a row to claim the Mixed Doubles Championship.

"As much as I wished it would have been with my team, it was pretty amazing," said Terrick. "Getting the chance to say we won gold with my new friend was a great feeling."

"The only thing I knew about Braden was he's from Saskatchewan, so it was interesting," she added. "It was super hard because it was a single-knockout so if you lose you're out. Once we got to the finals, even if we lost I would have been proud of us for making it that far, but it was awesome to win it all."

Terrick's partner was from Humboldt. The competition was just days after the devastating bus crash that involved the Humboldt Broncos, but as Jaycee says, Braden did a great job of handling it.

"He knew a lot of players that were on that bus," said Terrick. "But, he didn't show it on the ice. He was focused on the game, and he was always ready to go."


Despite not having success with her regular team, Jaycee says the experience the team gained from playing at the nationals will help them going forward into next season.

"We obviously didn't hope our record would be the way it was, but we had a lot of close games," said Terrick. "I think we played okay, but our nerves got to us at times. We just need to focus on curling, and we can't worry about the extra stuff that sometimes is involved."