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17-year-old William Hlady has went from playing AA and AAA baseball in Manitoba, to play College baseball, as he is currently in Mount Pleasant, Iowa playing NCAA Division 3 baseball with the Iowa Wesleyan Tigers.

"It's a really big difference because back home we only practiced once or twice a week," said Hlady. "But here, we practice everyday, and workout two or threes time a week. So it's a lot more baseball."

Hlady and the rest of the Tigers will continue to practice into October, which includes exhibition games in late October, before the team breaks until the Fall.

With this being Hlady's first year, he has big goals for the future.

"I really want to move up to Division 2 or 1 within the next couple years," said Hlady. "My end goal is to get drafted."

Hlady is coming off playing for the Dauphin Devil Rays Midget AA baseball team, and Parkland AAA Midget baseball team, and excelled at both.