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Jessi, Tess, and Jake Rampton each received scholarships from Hockey Manitoba.

It's often hard for one person to win a scholarship, let alone three siblings doing so. But three siblings from Dauphin have done exactly that. 

Jessi, Tess, and Jake Rampton each applied for, and received scholarships from Hockey Manitoba. 

Jake is a forward who played for the Dauphin Clippers, and Jessi is a forward, and Tess plays defense, both for the Yellowhead Chiefs. 

"We applied for a bunch of scholarships," said Jake. "We just had to write an essay and get a letter of reference from the coach and principal of the school." 

Though Jake didn't have to go nearly as far for his coaching reference as Tess and Jessi did.

"Playing with an out-of-region team the support from the coaches really means a lot because we aren't from the region," explained Tess.

"All three of us applying for [scholarships] kind of started off as a little competition almost," Jessi joked. A competition which ended well for all three Rampton's. 

Jake and Jessi received two of ten Hockey Manitoba scholarships available. 

But like all sibling rivalries there's usually one who comes out slightly ahead of the others.

Tess received the Jack Forsyth Scholarship. 

"It's more for leadership and dedication for hockey," she explained."

 Competition aside all three were proud of each other and nothing but thankful.

"We all wanted [scholarships], so us all receiving them is really cool. Especially since we've been playing hockey together since we were 4 years old, so all being recognized for it is really special," said Jessi.

"I'm really proud of my brother and sister for all the work they've put in and for our parents for supporting us, for driving us an hour-and-a-half to practice everyday," said Tess. "I think it meant a lot to them that all that hard work finally paid off."

"It means a lot. I've been through so much with them it's just a nice little ending to the hockey career," Jake added. "And thanks to Hockey Manitoba for the scholarships of course."

The three were surprised, and touched to receive so much support from teachers and their principal. 

"I know we miss a lot of school," admitted Tess. "They've been very flexible and very supportive so it meant a lot to get reference letters from them for everything." 

"The references were really special for us just," said Jessi. "To read them from our principal and from our coaches, all the support from everyone just to allow us to get these scholarships was really special for us." 

"Receiving the scholarship and getting a nice reference from the coach and the principal was good," said Jake. "They've been there the whole time, and they've always been there to help us.