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Three members of the Parkland Gators Swim Club recently took part in the provincial championships and once again, it was Parkland strong in the water.

Meredith Cottrell

50m backstroke - 5th
50m breaststroke - 3rd
100m backstroke - 5th
100m freestyle - 3rd
100m individual medley - 3rd
100m breaststroke - 4th
50m freestyle - 3rd

Chayne Paziuk

50m backstroke - 3rd
50m breaststroke - 7th
100m freestyle - 8th
100m individual medley - 8th
100m breaststroke - 10th
200m backstroke - 4th

Renee Fee

50m backstroke - 11th
50m breaststroke - 21st
100m backstroke - 7th
100m freestyle - 16th
100m individual medley - 15th
200m backstroke - 7th
50m freestyle - 19th