The Layne's Stars are one of the best fast-pitch teams in the province. Playing in various tournaments across Manitoba and even outside of the province, the team based out of Mallard often wins and if they don't, they're right near the top. 

A big piece of the team is Norman Lacquette -- who grew up in Mallard -- but made the move to Dauphin because the opportunity to play other sports was greater and now, you'll find him playing a variety of sports including hockey. 

While the fast-pitch season continues, Norman is feeling great about where his game is and the Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council have backed up his thoughts. The young man has been named the MASRC Athlete of the Month for May. 

"It's a pretty great feeling, especially being Indigenous," said Lacquette. "People have said bad stuff to me before because I'm Indigenous but I have always pushed thru and worked as hard as I can. I use the bad words as motivation."

It all started when he was just a young child when he would always follow his uncle's baseball team around and he was even a recruiter of sorts as he would tell other young kids to play the game. One of the things that makes Norman the happiest in life is when he's with his teammates whether that be at a game or even just a practice. 

Norman is a Layne Star and for the athlete of the month, it means everything to him. 

"It's a great honour, that's how I look at it," offered Lacquette. "My family expects the best out on the field and we play as hard as we can every single game. We all play with so much passion and since Layne passed away, we push it even more."