The golf season is well underway in the province and Golf Manitoba is getting set to host their provincial championships.

First up is the match play qualifier on May 29 at the Grand Plains Golf Course. The event will feature the best amateurs in the province, all of which will battle for a spot in the 32-man main field.

The event is open to any male golfer aged 18 and older and Jared Ladobruk, Executive Director with Golf Manitoba, says playing tournament golf is a great way to really get the feel for where your game is at.

"It's a unique opportunity for golfers who are looking to get a little more competitive," said Ladobruk. "It's also a good opportunity to play alongside some of the best amateurs Manitoba has to offer."

Eric Prokopowich of Dauphin advanced to the 32-man field last year after two solid qualifying rounds. He ultimately lost a close 2&1 battle against Derek East. This year's qualifier has been reduced to one round. 

Golf Manitoba's events calendar includes the Nott Autocorp amateur men's championship, the senior men's and women's championship, and the junior championship, just to name a few. You can find a full list and register for one here.

Golf takes over:

There's no surprise that the sport has taken off in the past two years. There was a worry last year that revenues at courses would be down with restrictions put in place due to the novel coronavirus. But that wasn't the case at all, in fact, many courses across the province enjoyed record years.

At the Dauphin Lake Golf Club, there were more than 50 new members and tee time traffic was up about 35%. The Gilbert Plains Country Club also welcomed dozens of new members and people that hadn't played golf before, became frequent players.

And with this season well underway and the weather providing us with lots of sun, it appears that another record-breaking year is on the way for courses in the Parkland and across the province. 

More than 50 new members have joined the Gilbert Plains Country Club while the Dauphin Lake Golf Club has welcomed many new faces as well, stay tuned for numbers at the DLGC next week. 

"Right from the start of the day until the end of the day, golf courses have been telling us that they have been fully booked," ended Ladobruk. "That tells us that we're either having new people play the sport or those fringe golfers that only play a few times a year have increased their frequency and that's very exciting."

If you're looking to get into the game, the Parkland is a tremendous place to be. With several great options including the Clear Lake Golf Course and Poplar Ridge Golf course, you can enjoy your summer on the course and make some new friends in the process.