The Shilo Golf and Country Club is open for business as the warm weather has given the course a chance to get a jump start on the 2021 season. 

And while there are nearly no open tee times at Shilo this weekend, there will soon be plenty at the Gilbert Plains Country Club. A beautiful forecast is expected this weekend and that means the golf season is right around the corner.

"In terms of putting a date to when we could open, it's probably premature at this point," said Scott McCallum. "This weekend is going to make a big impact getting those great temperatures."

McCallum expects to have a better idea early next week as to when the course could open. With the season just weeks away, now is a great time to make sure you're a member of the Gilbert Plains Country Club. If you haven't been a member since the 2018 season, you can join for just $600.

And you can set it up where you pay $200 each month for the first three months of the season.

"It really is a tremendous deal to play on one of the best courses in the province," offered McCallum.

Just like McCallum said, the GPCC is one of the top courses not only in the Parkland but in all of Manitoba. Whether you're a scratch golfer, a 30 handicap or anywhere in between, Scott is looking forward to seeing you down at the course very soon.

"We get people from far and wide to play this golf course, we're really excited about this season," ended McCallum. "By all indications, the course wintered well. This could be one of the earliest golf seasons we've had in a while as long as the sun keeps shining."