Even if the green light is given to resume hockey activities this season, the Grandview Comets won't be hitting the ice.

The North Central Hockey League (NCHL) has announced that they have cancelled the 2020-21 season because of the continued uncertainty around the novel coronavirus.

Darren Grasby is the president of the Comets and he received the news from the league earlier today.

"The league tried to hang on as long as they could, but it just doesn't look like anything will be resolved before it's too late to salvage a season," said Grasby. 

There was plenty of interest from players in the area wanting to join Grandview this season, just a few seasons removed from winning a league championship. Ultimately, senior hockey players in the region will have to wait until next season to defend their home ice at the GACC.

"It really is too bad. We had a lot of new guys and it would have been good for them to get some experience," ended Grasby. "We'll just have to wait until next season, we'll be back."