If you're driving on the outskirts of Russell you'll find a 160-foot long by 110-foot wide outdoor hockey rink and this year, the Magnowski's are the masterminds behind it.

The father and son from Russell flood the rink every weekend with an ice resurfacer purchased by Merv. For the last number of years, Denis Dohie and Spencer Reavie put together a smaller scale of the rink. That's when Merv approached Denis and he had the idea of making it bigger so everyone in the community could use it and clearly, the rest is history.

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Merv has been having a blast flooding the ice with his son and watching all of the community members skate on the rink while they're unable to skate inside because of 'Code Red' restrictions.

"It's been great, we're so happy with how things are working out," said Magnowski. "So many parents don't have the ability to make a rink in their backyard, so we're happy that we can provide one for so many kids." 

Merv understands how stressful things have been since last March and he also knows how important it is to get outside so putting the rink together with his son is a way to give back to the community.

And he wants everyone to know that the rink is open to everyone. Even if you're not from Russell, you can head to the outdoor rink and enjoy a skate, whether it be for 10 minutes or four hours.

"The community has accepted it very well," ended Magnowski. "I want everyone to come out and enjoy it."