A gorgeous forecast is ahead for all of this week and that's great news if you're a golfer and have plans of getting out a couple of more times. The Gilbert Plains Country Club is still going strong and they plan on doing so through this long weekend.

"People are still excited to get out and play, so we're going to stay the course here and stay open for as long as we can," said McCallum. 

It was a busy weekend at the Club as they hosted their final tournament of the season with the Ironman Tournament. Team Chad Ducheck was on fire as they went 8-under to win the title, for the second time in the past six years.

The course was set up as tough as possible and every golfer is still raving about how much fun was had.

"It was a really fun day, our grounds crew did such a tremendous job on setting up the course," offered McCallum. "People are already excited about coming back next year, so that's great news."

It's $60 to play 18 holes with a cart and when you do get in your final rounds of the season although it's October, McCallum says you're in for a treat at one of the province's nicest courses in the province. 

"WOW, that's one of the words I'm using right now when talking about the course," said McCallum. "The fairways are just beautiful and we're very fortunate to get this weather in the fall so our greens are in excellent shape as well."

As the 2020 golf season slowly comes to an end, Scott wants to thank everyone who supported the Club this year including the volunteers. He says the amount of volunteers that helped out throughout the summer truly is incredible.

"We're really looking forward to hosting tournaments and functions in our new building near the pro shop and that wouldn't have been possible without volunteers," ended McCallum. 

548-3030 is the number to book your tee time or head to Gilbert Plains Country Club.