The Tamarack Tournament begins tomorrow at the Clear Lake Golf Course and once again, the Parkland is all over the event that is a hit every summer.

Here is a list of Parklander's that will tee it up.


Robert Bouchard, Dave Campbell, Kody Fawcett, Regan Hedley, Jordan Hedley, Dan Keeping, John Tomlinson, Jerron Kyle, Bart Michaleski, Dale Murray, mark Odut, Lavern Popplw, Darren Ritchie, Mike Sparrow, Jay Thiessen, Mike VanAlstyne, Anthony Wiens, Jake Wiens, Noah Wiens, Lawson Yates, Jason Yates, and Brent Young.

Champion Men's:

Mel Beatty, Myles Haverluck, Brad Carefoot, Owen Connolly, Dean Cooley, Keith Fawcett, Ron Hedley, and Mike Pernarowski.

Senior Men's:

Mel Graves, Dean Murray, Frank Clement, and Larrie Kidd.


Donna Blackbird.

Women's Scramble:

Chris Carefoot/Wanda Connolly.


Luke Davidson, Hayden Delaloye, Jackson Delaurier, Quinten Fisk, Cash McCallum, Eric Prokopowich, and Thomas Scott.

Stay tuned here to CKDM for full results.