You wanted tournament golf at the Gilbert Plains Country Club and you're about to get it.

Scott McCallum has announced that they will host the Men's Open on Saturday, June 20, with a shotgun start at 10:00 a.m.

It'll be $80. You must pay your entry fee prior to June 20. If you try to pay at the course on June 20, you won't be allowed to tee it up and you can sign up with a complete foursome.

"We're really excited abouttournament golf. We're going to be very careful and cautious," said McCallum. "We're also going to be very careful when it comes to carts when players arrive on that day."

Your entry fee includes a meal and prizes and McCallum confirms social distancing will be respected during dinner time.

"I think it's safe to say that all clubs rely on tournaments throughout the season," continued McCallum. "We believe we have the space to make this event very successful while also making sure everyone stays safe."

The good thing about this tournament is that it's open to everyone. Whether you're a scratch golfer or you play three times a season, you can play and you'll have a good chance at winning a prize.

The event is flighted and each cash prize is the same whether you finish in first overall or first in the fifth flight. 

"That's what we pride ourselves on here at the Gilbert Plains Country Club," concluded McCallum. "There's a place for everyone. Don't let the calibre of your golf game deter you from playing. It's about getting out with some friends, socializing, and enjoying the great day that it will be."

Just a reminder, you can't signup to play on June 20, you must signup and pay prior to that day or else you won't be permitted to play. 548-3030 is the number to register today or stop by the proshop.