On this day last year, we chatted with Dauphin's Devin Himpe who made his Team Canada coaching debut as he was chosen as an Assistant Coach for the men's hockey team that took part in the FISU Games.

The journey took him to Krasnoyarsk, Russia and the road included a bronze medal. The Canadians beat Kazakhstan in the third-place game, 3-0 to claim the bronze medal. It was a big bounce back for the team who lost in the semi-finals against the host Russia squad.

"You're going to Russia to try and win a gold medal, so obviously we were a little short on our goal," said Himpe. "With that being said, knowing that we won a medal was absolutely amazing. I don't think I'll have anything like that anytime soon. There was like 3000 fans cheering for us when we won so that was awesome."

"It was pretty surreal stepping on the ice for the first time," he added. "Wearing Hockey Canada stuff and everyone had that nervous energy but it was good nervous energy. It was great getting to know the guys and we had a great group of them."

In the round-robin, Himpe and the rest of the team beat the United Kingdom, 12-0. They also beat Latvia, 6-1, Switzerland, 6-2, and Sweden, 11-1.

The only slip up for the team in the round-robin was a 4-3 loss against Kazakhstan, the same team the Canadians beat in the bronze medal game.

"I think the biggest thing I'm taking back is just the overall experience," said Himpe. "I learned quite a bit about certain preparation and certain motivational situations I can put myself in. We were all able to come together without knowing each other going in and we were able to put some wins together.

"I'm definitely going to miss it but I am excited to be home and I'm happy," he added. "It was amazing and it was a once in a lifetime experience."

Russia ended up beating Slovakia in the final.