The next time you go inside of Credit Union Place, you'll be able to see some pieces of history that were made by the Dauphin Kings and other awards.

The team has unveiled a brand new trophy cabinet near the bar inside of the rink. 

Construction of the cabinet finished just earlier this month and now they're available full-time for the public to view.

"It was important to get this done," said Kings Director of Marketing & Media Relations Christian Laughland. "The trophies have a lot of history and deserve a lot of respect. Until now they weren't getting that respect. Now people can view them at games, tournaments and other events inside Credit Union Place."

Some of the trophies you'll get the chance to see include the Sherwood Division championship trophy. Dauphin won that title in 2014. Also, the team player awards are on display. They'll hand them out during their awards ceremony on March 2.

"I've already seen many people looking at the trophies, reading the names on them, it's nice to see that," concluded Laughland. "The next thing we need to do is get some good lighting in there so the awards can really stand out."

The Kings would also like to thank Parkland Custom Cabinetry and Hometown Auto Glass for donating and helping construct the cabinet.