The Dauphin Kings are very happy to announce that their Grow Project was a tremendous success once again.

This year the team planted wheat and they were able to sell it through Cargill. The team sold the crop for $65,000. After paying their dues, the team expects to net roughly $52,000.

"Finding out that we were able to sell the wheat for $65,000 is truly amazing," said Rae Csversko. "We were hoping to gross about $60,000, so we're extremely pleased that we grossed $65,000."

In the end, the money goes towards helping the Kings' pay a portion of their operating costs.

"At this time of the year, the cash flow isn't great, so this comes into play at a great time," Csversko concluded. "It will really help us keep going."

Rae also wants to thank the entire agriculture community and the wait until they begin next year's Grow Project now begins.

Next up for the Kings' as far as big fundraising projects go is the Tractor Lotto. 

"You can expect some things to start happening in and around late October," he added. "Without the Tractor Lotto fundraiser, the team would be in financial distress, to say the least. We do our best to raise money and it all goes towards the Kings'."

The Tractor Lotto grosses roughly 35% of the team's budget every year.