Every summer, the Dauphin Kings do their annual Grow Project to raise some funds that help their overall costs go down. This year's crop is wheat and this past weekend was a big one for the club.

The club had three combines and three trucks out there as they took all of the wheat off the field.

"We had a very successful day. All of our major contributors were out with us," said Rae Csversko. "It was a fantastic feeling. The day didn't start off great, but we got things in order as the day progressed." 

"The prices may not be there, but the yield will make up for the prices," he continued. 

They ended up being in the field until about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Now the waiting game takes over. All of the wheat will be dried and soon enough, the Kings will find out how much money they'll make from the yield. Whatever it is, it'll significantly help the organization.

"This is very big for us. We're super thankful for the five-year lease we have on land from the City of Dauphin and the RM of Dauphin. That gives us some financial stability for the next few years," he continued. "The way the budget is going, this project brings in 10-15% of the overall operating budget each season. It's very important."

Within the next week or so, Rae expects to have more details such as how many bushels came out and how many dollars can be put back into the club. Stay tuned to find out more!