Onanole’s Keith Fawcett will play in the Championship match in the champion men’s bracket at the Tamarack Tournament. 

Jackson Delaurier, Noah Wiens and Hayden Delaloye won their respective matches to advance to finals. Also, Easton Odut will play in the finals in the junior Fifth flight.

In the junior third flight, Brayden Tkachuk will play in the finals.

The top seed in the second flight is Dauphin’s Mark Odut and he’s finals bound after a semifinal win.

In the fourth flight consolation bracket, it’s all Dauphin. 

Jason Yates will take on Mike Sparrow.

As the 10th seed in the fifth flight, Jerron Kyle has caught fire. He’s won three straight matches and he will play in the finals. 

In the sixth flight, Bart Michaleski will play in the finals as well.