Dauphin's Kiara Wilson hit the pool to take part in her final Manitoba Jr. Provincial Swim Championships over the weekend in Winnipeg for her current age group.

That's because the 12-year-old will move up an age group next year, and what a final few performances she put on.

She won three individual gold medals in the 50m breaststroke, 100m individual medley, and 100m breaststroke. Kiara also joined forces to dominate with her teammates, Kelton Amendt, Parker Beer, and Sophia Heschuk. 

The four went on to win gold in the mixed 200m medley relay.

"It felt really good because that was my last swim meet in this age group," said Wilson. "I didn't expect to get that many gold medals, especially with the relay. It was a really great feeling to get a gold medal with my teammates."

"I've been practicing a lot and every time I practice, my goal is to get better," she added. "I'm really happy all of the hard work paid off."

Kiara wasn't the only one that had lots of success at the event. On top of winning gold in the relay with Kiara, Kelton Amendt won silver in the 100m IM and he joined Sammi Rea, Rhea Amendt, and Parker Beer in winning silver in the mixed 200m free relay.

Parker Beer also earned a trifecta of medals. He won a bronze medal in the 100m IM and he also won a gold and silver in both relay races.

Having success herself is always great, but something she also enjoys is watching her teammates have success.

"Yeah, it's really fun to go to provincials with all of my teammates and see how good they do," continued Wilson. "They always get medals and personal bests; it's really fun to be a part of."

Next up for Kiara and the Gators is the ManSask event next month.

When next year's swimming season rolls around, Kiara will have to adapt to competing at a new level. She will join the 13-14-year-old age group. That's a challenge that the 12-year-old will be ready for.

"It'll be a little bit tougher because I'm swimming against older people, but I'll try my hardest and we'll see how it goes," concluded Wilson.