Dauphin's Noah and Aiden Chartrand just started doing Jiu-Jitsu two months ago, but they're already two athletes to be reckoned with. They competed in the Manitoba Open this past weekend and they both earned some medals.

Noah is 12-years-old and he won a silver medal in NoGi and he won a bronze medal in Gi. Aiden is nine-years-old and he won a silver medal in NoGi. 

Being in the sport for just two months, the competition that welcomed the best from around the province was a first for both Noah and Aiden.

"It felt pretty good. Especially because I never competed in a tournament before," said Noah. "It was interesting and it was a ton of fun. I trained very hard at the gym almost every day for two months to get ready for the event."

Going in, Aiden had a goal of getting a bronze medal, but he beat that goal.

"I was really proud of myself for getting a silver medal, it was a really fun first experience," added Aiden.

Noah and Aiden will now get a few months to prepare for their next action. They will take part in the Manitoba Open "Fall" event that is scheduled for November 3-4.

Both Aiden and Noah did amazing things with just two months of practice, now they have six months to get ready and Noah is confident he can make great things happen again at November's event.

"Yeah because we have a ton of time to train compared to last time," said Noah. "I can learn more things and practice on my weaknesses. There are a lot of things I can improve on and taking part in this past weekend's event really allowed me to learn a lot more and I think that will help me going forward."

Aiden echoes his brother's thoughts.

"I think I'll be successful because I learn a lot in the gym, and we only take one or two days off per week for rest," said Aiden.