The Parkland Gators held their "Advanced" swim-a-thon over the weekend at the Parkland Rec Complex.

The goal was to swim 200 laps while raising money for upgrades to the pool. 

"It was really good. Everyone did really well and they were excited," said Diana Wilson, President. "Everyone swam in less than two hours, so it was great."

Combined with the "Beginner/Intermediate" swim-a-thon earlier this year, the Gators ended up raising $3065. That beats their goal of $3000. Kiara Wilson was the fastest swimmer as she completed 200 laps in just 1:17:00. Sammi Rea was just behind at 1:30:00.

Both Sophia Heschuk and Parker Beer completed 200 laps in 1:35:00.

"It's such a great event. The parents are all involved and they're counting how many laps their kids are swimming," said Wilson. "It's just a lot of fun."

Although the swim-a-thons are over, that doesn't mean you can't help out. You can donate until the end of the month by heading to Parkland Gators.

They're hoping to buy more lane ropes for the pool which will benefit everyone. They also hope to make it cheaper for anyone who wants to swim with the Gators.